MultiGrain, Conversations Linking Librarians, Publishers, Vendors and Others, will feature ongoing discussions with a forum for conversations and debates online about the issues that impact us all day-to-day.

20/12/12 Multigrain Discussion: Is the Traditional Research Library Dead or Morphing Into a New Model?

17/09/12 Multigrain Discussion: The 12 Planets and the Unidentified Flying Elephant
y Sue Wiegand, Saint Mary’s College

18/07/12 Multigrain Discussion: The Finch Report: “Gold” versus “Green” open access
by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor

10/06/12 Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps
by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor

08/06/12 Multigrain Discussion: Ray Bradbury and the Lifelong Love of Libraries
by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor

12/03/12 Multigrain Discussion: Tony Horava’s Thoughts on the “Tools of Change” Digital Publishing Conference
by Tony Horava, AUL Collections, University of Ottawa,

14/2/12 Another Response to the Elsevier Boycott
by Chuck Hamaker, UNC Charlotte

28/11/11 What’s Going On In the Penguin/OverDrive/Amazon Affair?
by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor

21/10/11 Are E-Textbooks Ready for Primetime?
by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor

06/10/11 Are Libraries Thriving?
An Oxford-style debate at the 2011 Charleston Conference

14 September, 2011 Authors Guild Suit
by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor

1 September, 2011, “Gloom and Doom”
by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor

19 August, 2011 Amazon Boycott
by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor

25 July, 2011 eBooks and Memory
by Tony Horava, University of Ottawa

13 July, 2011 Interlibrary Loan
submitted by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor

9 June, 2011 e-Use Statistics
by Katina Strauch, Editor

2 May, 2011 Is the Big Deal Unsustainable?
by Katina Strauch, Editor

29 April, 2011 No Room for Books
by Dennis Brunning, Arizona State University

13 April, 2011 A Response to “The Future of the Textbook”
by Austin Mann,

16 March, 2011 A Brick Wall Instead of an Open Front Door
Is the library making it too hard to discover the rich resources on which we spend increasingly scarce dollars?

22 Februay, 2011 Web-Scale Discovery in Context
by Patrick Carr, East Carolina University

4 February, 2011 PDA and Stewardship: Are They Compatible?
with Rick Anderson (Univ of Utah) and Brian Schottlaender (Univ of California, San Diego)