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ATG Quirkies: The Beat Goes On

In this post, Dwight Garner, a book critic for The NY Times, provides an engaging visitor’s guide to Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Enduring San Francisco Mr Garner first notes that “the writer and bookstore founder’s upcoming 100th birthday is the perfect reason...

Postcards from a Collective Ecosystem Article 4: How is the traditional role of both academic publishers and news media being challenged by technology, and what future role might they fill?

Eleni Courea is a political journalist reporting from the parliamentary lobby for the Observer, New Statesman and Times. From 2016 to 2018, she worked as a reporter for Research Fortnight and Research Europe, covering UK and EU research policy with a focus on academic...

Postcards from a Collective Ecosystem: Foreword

by Adrian Stanley – President, The Society for Scholarly Publishing, and Managing Director, Publishers, Digital Science Adrian is the Managing Director, Publishers, for Digital Science and the current President for the Society for Scholarly Publishing. He brings a...

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