ATG Originals

Fresh, new content from the editors of Against the Grain or from special guests:

Caught My Eye

Books, articles, websites, etc. that caught the eye of Katina Strauch.  Items that she finds to be share-worthy!

Charleston 2012: The Blog

Reports on the 2012 Charleston Conference, by Donald T. Hawkins.

In the News

Interviews and stories that go beyond the press releases.


Conversations Linking Librarians, Publishers, Vendors and Others; will feature ongoing discussions with a forum for conversations and debates online about the issues that impact us all day-to-day.

Out and About

Reports of information industry meetings, by Donald T. Hawkins.

If Rumors Were Horses

The original “ATG Original!  Katina Strauch’s “Rumors” are the place to go for up-to-the-minute news snippets and stories of interest to librarians, publishers, and vendors.



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