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There are two distinct components of Against the Grain: the print journal that is published six times a year, in February, April, June, September, and November and December/January, and the ATG NewsChannel website that is updated daily with the latest news, announcements, and online-only content. Although the majority of the online content is open access, our website also allows subscribers to have full-text access to the print issues with a username and password log in. The print and online subscriptions are bundled: an online user account accompanies your print subscription.

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Editorial Board

  • Katina Strauch (College of Charleston)
Associate Editors:
  • Cris Ferguson (Murray State)
  • Tom Gilson (College of Charleston)
  • Matthew Ismail (Central Michigan University)
Research Editors:
  • Judy Luther (Informed Strategies)
Assistants to the Editor:
  • Ileana Strauch
  • Toni Nix (Just Right Group, LLC)
International Editor 
  • Rossana Morrielle (Politencnico di Torino)
Contributing Editors:
  • Glenda Alvin (Tennessee State University)
  • Rick Anderson (University of Utah)
  • Sever Bordeianu (U. of New Mexico)
  • Todd Carpenter (NISO)
  • Eleanor Cook (East Carolina University
  • Will Cross (NC State University)
  • Anne Doherty (Choice)
  • Michelle Flinchbaugh (U. of MD Baltimore County)
  • Joyce Dixon-Fyle (DePauw University)
  • Michael Gruenberg (Grueberg Consulting, LLC)
  • Chuck Hamaker (UNC, Charlotte)
  • William M. Hannay (Schiff, Hardin & Waite)
  • Bob Holley (Retired, Wayne State University)
  • Ramune Kubilius (Northwestern University)
  • Myer Kutz (Myer Kutz Associates, Inc.)
  • Tom Leonhardt (Retired)
  • Stacey Marien (American University)
  • Jack Montgomery (Western Kentucky University)
  • Alayne Mundt (American University)
  • Bob Nardini (ProQuest)
  • Jim O’Donnell (Arizona State University)
  • Ann Okerson (Center for Research Libraries)
  • Rita Ricketts (Blackwell’s)
  • Jared Seay (College of Charleston)
  • Corey Seeman (University of Michigan)
  • Lindsay Wertman (IGI Global)
ATG Proofreader:
  • Rebecca Saunders (Franklin Pierce University)
Graphics: Bowles & Carver, Old English Cuts & Illustrations. Grafton, More Silhouettes. Ehmcke, Graphic Trade Symbols By German Designers. Grafton, Ready-to-Use Old-Fashioned Illustrations. The Chap Book Style. Production, Ad Sales & Advertising Information: Toni Nix, Just Right Group, LLC. P.O. Box 412, Cottageville, SC 29435 phone: 843-835-8604 fax: 843-835-5892 [email protected] Publisher:
  • A. Bruce Strauch
Send correspondence, press releases, etc., to: Katina Strauch, Editor, Against the Grain, LLC, Post Office Box 799, Sullivan’s Island, SC  29482.  <[email protected]> Against the Grain is indexed in Library Literature, LISA, Ingenta, and The Informed Librarian. Authors’ opinions are to be regarded as their own. All rights reserved. Against the Grain is copyright ©2020 by Katina Strauch

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