ATG Quirkies: The Empty Nesters Who Run a Bookstore — And Live Together

by | Aug 11, 2020 | 0 comments

The Empty Nesters Who Run a Bookstore—And Live Together is “an installment of The Friendship Files by the Atlantic’s Julie Beck.

In this post Ms. Beck “talks with VaLinda Miller, whose empty-nest syndrome inspired her to buy a bookstore, and Arrylee Satterfield, her best friend, whom she hired to run it. After some hardships, the store changed locations—and VaLinda and Arrylee moved in together. They discuss the joys and pains of running a business, their Odd Couple roommate relationship, and, of course, books…”

Editor’s note: The bookstore is called the Turning Page Bookshop and it is the only African-American, female owned bookstore in the state of South Carolina.

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