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Equity in Action: Fostering an Antiracist Library Culture

Live Interactive Sessions: Tuesdays: September 29, October 6 & 13, from 2-4 PM ET. Plus, self-guided options and additional bonus content offered so you can follow along at your own pace.

Course Overview

Library staff at all levels within their organizations have the power—and the responsibility—to help cultivate an antiracist culture, from evaluating spaces, programs, services, and collections to examining policies and practices to reflecting on one’s own implicit biases. Creating an internal culture founded on principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion is essential to building a community-centered library that meets the needs and expectations of its users.

In this course, you will learn about the concrete actions library leaders are taking to make their libraries antiracist today and in the future, and the tools that make it possible. Practical coursework, along with targeted support, will take you from theory to application, helping you to transform your library services to better meet the needs of all your users—and bring in new ones.

Certificate of Completion Provided
15 PD credits available

When you attend this interactive online course, you’ll come away with:  

  • The tools necessary to audit current library collections and programs through a culturally competent lens
  • The ability to assess the inclusiveness of current collection development and RA practices, acquisitions, marketing, plus assessing scheduling practices, branch hours, and staff hiring and retention
  • The ability to recognize common problematic stereotypes, tropes, and microaggressions in media
  • A refresher on key diversity and cultural literacy concepts such as white privilege, unconscious bias, cultural appropriation, and intersectionality

The course features live guest speakers in interactive sessions with Q&A as well as self-guided assignments, readings, and weekly discussion topics to support deeper learning. You’ll work in small groups with facilitators experienced in anti-oppression work to complete assignments and field research that will fuel your diversity initiatives…”

Humanities Roundtable 2020: Building Diversity, Building Accessibility, Building Better

Virtual Conference

Date: September 23, 2020 11:00am – September 23, 2020 04:30pm

Registration closes on September 22, 2020 05:00pm.


The theme of this year’s Humanities Roundtable is building better — better diversity, better accessibility, better technology — in order to develop a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable humanities community. From the complexities of controlled vocabularies and thesauri in the humanities, to dealing with historically offensive language, and from defining accessibility in a humanities context to designing for it, our speakers will touch on many of the critical changes the digital humanities need.None of this is simple but, at the same time, if we work together to find solutions, it’s not impossible. By bringing together stakeholders from across our community — librarians, publishers, technology providers — this year’s Roundtable will kickstart a discussion on the practical requirements and implications of delivering a more diverse, a more accessible, a better information environment for the digital humanities community. 

The event will include small group breakout sessions to encourage attendees from a range of stakeholder communities to engage productively with one another and to collaborate in identifying next steps.

Confirmed speakers include, among others, Marti Heyman, Executive Director, Metadata Strategy and Operations, OCLC; Bethan Tovey-Walsh, PhD researcher, CorCenCC/Swansea University; Michelle Urberg, Metadata Librarian, Proquest; Dave Tell, Ph.D., Co-Director, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Kansas; Mark Puente, Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Organizational Development, Purdue University; Susan Doerr, Associate Director, University of Minnesota Press, and Rebecca Blakiston, User Experience Strategist, University of Arizona.

ReBoot Virtual Conference Set for October 13

According to Publishers Weekly “ReBoot: Books, Business, and Reading,” a virtual conference aimed at preparing the publishing industry for 2021, has been set for October 13. Organized by publishing veterans Carlo Carrenho, Klaus-Peter Stegen, and Rüdiger Wischenbart, the conference will bring together key actors and thought leaders from large as well as independent publishing and bookselling organizations, infrastructure providers, and innovators to assess the status of the international publishing industry and share perspectives and strategies for a “reboot,” the organizers said.

In advance of the conference, the organizers have started “preparation tracks” intended to gather data and case studies on recent market developments. Areas of the ReBoot focus will be: publishers, with a focus on running virtual operations; bookselling, with a focus on bringing books to consumers; suppliers, with a focus on building hybrid and cross-media fulfillment process; and consumers, with a focus on “keeping eyes and ears on books.” Interested parties are invited by the organizers to offer insights into the current market conditions here.

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