ATG Book of the Week: Seeing Sense: Visual literacy as a tool for libraries, learning and reader development

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TITLE: Seeing Sense: Visual literacy as a tool for libraries, learning and reader development
AUTHOR: Jake Hope
PAPERBACK: ISBN: 9781783304417, £39.95
IMPRINT: London: Facet, 2020

The burgeoning field of visual literacy can be universally understood across a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, regardless of traditional literacy levels. A key tool for navigating digital devices, there is often an antipathy surrounding visual literacy borne out of stigma and at times, intimidation.

At a point when funding for public libraries in the UK is in decline, Seeing Sense will include new research and bring together best practice from different organizations and institutions from a national and global perspective. This book will showcase the role of visual literacy as a tool for promoting reading, helping to raise understanding and awareness among librarians and education practitioners and promoting aspiration and achievement among the children and young people they work with. Content will include

  • an overview of visual literacy as a tool for reading development;
  • the role of visual literacy in design and display within libraries and resource centers;
  • advice for library and information professionals on how to gain greater confidence in using and understanding visual literacy as part of strategies to engage readers; and
  • a number of practical case studies to illustrate the power and potency of visual literacy as a key tool for making reading accessible, engaging, and appealing for all.


The power of illustration should never be underestimated. When you gaze into the eyes of a character on a page, you make a deeper connection which builds empathy and understanding. Seeing Sense is an engaging and compelling read for anyone who wants to explore how pictures add rich depth and nuance to narrative and indeed, tell their own story. It will be a hugely valuable resource for librarians, teachers and all those passionate about inspiring young readers.’
— Sarah Mears, Programme Manager at Libraries Connected, co-founder of Empathy Lab

‘Seeing Sense is essential reading for all librarians working with children and young people, other educators and anybody with an interest in visual literacy. Showing that visual literacy is a tool that is used by everybody on a daily basis and is an essential component to the process of “growing” readers, Hope provides an insight into the many facets of the term in an accessible and illuminating manner…
Amy McKay, CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway co-ordinator, School Library Association Board Member, School Librarian of the Year 2016

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