ATG Quirky: Around Italy in Vintage Citrus – Growing Technology (and creating the Citrus Archive)

by | Jul 6, 2020 | 0 comments

According to this post in Gastro Obscura, on a whim, photographer Sophia Massarella asked the librarian at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum to pull a book from the stacks. It was Giovanni Battista Ferrari’s Hesperides, the classsic 17th-century treatise on citrus.

When Ms Massarella made that simple request, she had no idea what it would lead to. Examining this first-edition volume in the library that day inspired her to create what she calls the Citrus Archive.

She started “calling and emailing small-scale citrus farmers all over Italy to learn about their centuries-old agricultural methods, some of which even predate Hesperides. “I just started going on this goose hunt of citrus farms,” she says of the photography project she’s launched to document these Italian traditions.”

It’s quite a story so if you’re interested in learning more about Ms Massarella and her Citrus Archive, feel free to click here.

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