ATG Quirkies: This Vast Photo Archive Is Hidden Inside a Cold, Heavily Guarded Limestone Mine

by | Jul 15, 2020 | 0 comments

According to Atlas Obscura’s Isaac Schultz “over 11 million Getty images are on ice near Pittsburgh.”

He’s talking about the world famous Bettmann Archive and its collection of iconic photography. But unlike many archives, it requires more than a library card to get in. “You need the proper credentials to get past the armed guards at the door. You need to be gloved and swaddled in several layers to deal with the cold. And you need to be OK with claustrophobic conditions, since the trip requires being shuttled hundreds of feet underground…”


Mr .Schultz goes on to tell the inspiring story of the origins of the archive and how it ended up “220 feet down a limestone mine.”

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