ATG Quirkies: Digitizing some 19th Century Art leads to the Discovery of Delightful Doodles and Hidden Scribbles

by | Jul 8, 2020 | 0 comments

The Delightful Doodles and Hidden Scribbles on the Backs of Artworks by Karen Chernick tells how a project to digitize numerous art works can also lead to finding several hundred fascinating writings or drawings.

The post appears in Atlas Obscura and recounts a project started a decade ago by mixed-media artist, George Eksts. Mr. Eksts was digitizing art works from the Victoria & Albert Museum collection in London. In the process, he “has now flipped over all 200,000 prints, drawings, paintings, and photographs that he has digitized … and has collected hundreds of verso images.” The post goes on to talk about a few of the treasures Eksts has inadvertently discovered.

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