ATG News & Announcements 7/1/20

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Association of Research Libraries Signs Statement in Support of Controlled Digital Lending

According to ARL News ” Today the Association of Research Libraries signed the “Position Statement on Controlled Digital Lending.”
Libraries use controlled digital lending (CDL) to circulate temporary digital copies of print books they own in a one-to-one ratio of “loaned to owned,” removing the print copy from circulation while the digital copy is in use. CDL is a practice rooted in the fair use right of the US Copyright Act and recent judicial interpretations of that right. During the COVID-19 pandemic in particular, many academic and research libraries have relied on CDL to ensure academic and research continuity at a time when many physical collections have been inaccessible.

Penn Libraries: Judaica Digital Humanities Launches the Digital Second Edition of Judaica Americana

infoDOCKET reports that “Judaica Digital Humanities at the Penn Libraries is excited to announce the launch of the Digital Second Edition of Judaica Americana. This bibliographic database draws from Robert Singerman’s Judaica Americana, the award-winning, magisterial two-volume bibliography of American Jewish publications before 1900. Visitors can search the database’s 9,600+ bibliographic entries by author, language, holding institution, and various tags, as well as find open-access links to digitized Jewish monographs, serials, and periodicals, when available.

MPS completes acquisition of HighWire Press to accelerate Platform business

According to this press release “MPS Limited (MPS), … has announced today that they have completed the acquisition of HighWire Press. HighWire has long been an industry thought leader and has championed many of the digital standards and initiatives that have shaped modern scholarly publishing…”

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Releases Digital Preservation Framework

infoDOCKET also notes that “National Archives and Records Administration is releasing its Digital Preservation Framework, following the release of drafts for public comment in September 2019, which consists of our approach to determining risks faced by electronic record files and our plans for preserving different types of file formats…”

Authors in the Coronavirus Crisis: The European Writers’ Council Report

Publishing Perspectives notes that “a new report released by the European Writers Council quantifies how authors and translators in Europe are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic…

The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Writers and Translators in the European Book Sector 2020 (PDF) is probably the most comprehensive and detailed study to date in the European arena of how responding writers and translators say they’re being affected… Represented in the survey are responses from 33 writers’ and translators’ organizations in 24 countries … aggregating “membership of some 127,000 writers and translators who work in 27 languages…”

Just Launched: Muftiships Web Archive

Also according to infoDOCKETColumbia University Libraries is pleased to announce the launch of the Muftiships Web Archive. Developed by librarians within the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation, the archive preserves the websites of Muftis (Muslim legal experts) and leading jurists from the Islamic world…”


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