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BASIC INFORMATION: 11 year old chonky tabby cat

PET’S NAME (and Owner’s Name): Neko (Erin Gallagher)

PET’S JOB TITLE: Director of Vermin Control; Chief Snuggle Officer; Assistant Feline Librarian (and Owner’s Job Title): Electronic Resources Librarian

OWNER’S INSTITUTION: University of Florida

BORN AND LIVED:  My birthplace is a tantalizing mystery.  Besides a two-year stint in Portland, Oregon, I’m a Florida Feline through and through.

WORK FROM HOME HIGHLIGHTS:  My Human Handler is home far too much now, which disturbs my 22+ hour naps, but I do benefit from increased snugs.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT LIBRARIES:  The humans who work in them apparently worship my kind.  Books make good napping pillows.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  I perpetrate a lot of lizard murder, much to the chagrin of my Human Handler.  She appears not to appreciate the carefully dissected bodies I leave for her approval.  Also, inappropriate self-bathing in the background of her Zoom meetings.

FAMILY: My Human Handler, of course, and a ragtag bunch of neighborhood wildlife including possums, raccoons, and squirrels.  

MENTORS/ANIMALS WHO INSPIRE ME: Ship’s cats!  Those intrepid felines who sailed the seas and rid the world of rats at every port of call.

THE CHANGE I HOPE TO MAKE:  I’d like to decorate the world with open boxes, allowing all felines the joy of just sitting in them, doing nothing for hours.

WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO: I mean, my Human Handler has to go back to her office sometime, right?

 PLANS FOR WHEN WORK FROM HOME ENDS: House party.  Lizards not invited.

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