ATG Caught My Eye 6/25/20

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  • [Virtual] Conference Season Is Here: Are you prepared? is a Scholarly Kitchen post by Jasmine Wallace, the Peer Review Manager at the American Society for Microbiology. In it she insists that “virtual conferences should be approached with the same viewpoint as in-person meetings” but “that they do require a bit more focus and preparation to be valuable.” Then she offers a number of specific recommendations.
  • Making digital resources accessible for students with disabilities: Are libraries, publishers, and vendors ready for the new rules and regulations? is a post on the No Shelf Required website that notes that “all institutions of learning that receive federal aid are now legally required to make their digital learning materials accessible to students, including those with disabilities.” It goes on to insist that given this, librarians must have “the skills and the knowledge to follow the new guidelines and distinguish clearly among the products that are, and are not, fully ADA compliant.” The article continues by point out the unique responsibility libraries have “since the legal burden falls on libraries and not on those producing and selling digital content.”
  • University Presses in the Age of COVID-19 is an article by Laura Brown, a senior advisor at Ithaka S+R that is drawn from “conversations with a variety of university press directors.” Offering a broad perspective, directors from both public and private universities representing a total of 11 small, medium, and large presses are consulted. In their comments, the directors discuss how their presses are “faring during this uncertain and challenging time.” In this post Ms. Brown describes the present circumstances these university presses are confronting. “A second piece, … will examine how press directors are looking ahead to the future.”
  • Infographic:¬†Social Media Image Size Guide (2020 Edition) Anyone who posts images on social media will find this post helpful. It’s a infographic from Constant Contact that “covers the standard image dimensions for the six major social networks, including Pinterest and Twitter. Check it and see if the graphic you make are still the right size…”

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