ATG Book of the Week: Who Wrote That?: Authorship Controversies from Moses to Sholokhov

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Title: Who Wrote That?: Authorship Controversies from Moses to Sholokhov
Author: Donald Ostrowski 
Paperback: ISBN:978-1501750823, $24.95
Imprint: Northern Illinois University Press, 2020

Who Wrote That? examines nine authorship controversies, providing an introduction to particular disputes and teaching students how to assess historical documents, archival materials, and apocryphal stories, as well as internet sources and news. Donald Ostrowski does not argue in favor of one side over another but focuses on the principles of attribution used to make each case.

While furthering the field of authorship studies, Who Wrote That? provides an essential resource for instructors at all levels in various subjects. It is ultimately about historical detective work. Using Moses, Analects, the Secret Gospel of Mark, Abelard and Heloise, the Compendium of Chronicles, Rashid al-Din, Shakespeare, Prince Andrei Kurbskii, James MacPherson, and Mikhail Sholokov, Ostrowski builds concrete examples that instructors can use to help students uncover the legitimacy of authorship and to spark the desire to turn over the hidden layers of history so necessary to the craft…”


“This is an incisive, critical review of a remarkably wide range of attribution debates. I believe that I am widely read but I was astonished at the sheer scale of the different treatments in this study.”– Kevin Gilvary, author of Fictional Lives of Shakespeare

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