The Rumors Blog 4/7/20

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The Rumors Blog 4/7/20 by Katina Strauch and Team

Exciting news from Michele and Barbara Casalini — Firenze/Amsterdam —  April 2020  — As we all continue to deal with this particularly challenging situation, we would like to share a moment of positivity with some exciting news. Casalini Libri has acquired, along with Mr. Dirk Raes, the Dutch based companies Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel (with offices in Amsterdam and Paris) and Houtschild Internationale Boekhandel. We have just completed the acquisition from Bertram Group, along with Dirk Raes, of the two Dutch based companies with offices in Amsterdam, Paris and Rijswijk. We hope you will share our enthusiasm about this joint venture. The synergy of our expertise and experience increases our reach, capacity, and dynamism: we will be combining the specializations of Casalini Libri in sourcing and supplying material from Southern Europe and of Erasmus and Houtschild for publications from Northern Europe, the UK, the US and beyond. Mr. Dirk Raes, the managing director of Erasmus and Houtschild will continue to coordinate the Dutch and Paris offices while the consolidation of our activity will allow us to offer a truly pan-European coverage to the Library community worldwide. Our companies share a single vision: we offer the very best services to the Library world. Together we believe we can do this better, strengthening our coverage and provide a more efficient use of technological resources, while maintaining the excellent customer service for which we are known. We are of course at your complete disposal for any specific questions you may have. We remain confident that our combined efforts will allow us to meet the ever-changing needs of our dynamic markets and we look forward to working together. — Barbara Casalini / Michele Casalini/  Dirk Raes

Michele tells Against the Grain that the transition has been incredibly swift even though it took some time to get it started! The beautifully smiling Patricia O’Loughlin from Casalini along with the awesome Dirk Raes and the wonderful Barbara and Michele are the steering committee for this great operation! Michele says that the similar origin of the companies, the mission to serve libraries on one side and publishers on the other side, with the ultimate goal to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the information chain from authors to users, is the common denominator of the teams. When asked about the impact of the coronavirus, Michele says that luckily all is well, at home, with friends and colleagues many of whom are working from home. For those who come to the office, the day is split into two shifts in order to reduce the number of persons present in the building at the same time. Benissimo! As Michele would say!

Speaking of Benissimo! Have y’all used Duolingo? It’s free and is a great app to help us learn other languages! I have been brushing up my Greek and am now moving to Italian. German might be next?

Speaking of Greek, I am kinda bummed that the Fiesole Retreat which was supposed to be in Greece right now was canceled! Hopefully it will be in 2021 for sure!

Charles Watkinson has been busy! The University of Michigan Press has given free access to their scholarly eBooks as have many other providers.  This is an incredible sharing community, isn’t it?    On another note, Charles sends news that his parents ( Anthony and Sara) are heading up to Northumberland on Thursday to be amidst the heather and gorse. “We’re working from home now in Ann Arbor. The cats, at least, are happy!

Please send us your news for the Rumors blog!!! Thanks! Stay well!

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