ATG News You Need to Start the Week – 2/3/20

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ARL Responds to US Office of Science and Technology Policy Request for Information on American Research Environment

ARL News notes that in a response for information on the American Research Environment, ARL took the opportunity to “provide input on the actions that US federal agencies, in collaboration with the research community, can make to enhance the American research environment… Of the four main topics outlined in OSTP’s request for information, the research library community is most active in the areas of “Research Rigor and Integrity” and “Coordinating Administrative Requirements for Research,” to which these comments are targeted.

Report: “Decade-Long Project to Digitize Every 17th- and 18th- Century Manuscript and Archive in Harvard’s Collections Relating to North America Will Be Finished This Semester”

InfoDOCKET reports that “A decade-long project to digitize every 17th- and 18th- century manuscript and archive in Harvard’s collections relating to North America will be finished this semester, according to University Archivist Megan Sniffin-Marinoff.

The project, called Colonial North America at Harvard Library, will make more than 600,000 photographs of the documents publicly available online for the first time. Part of the collection is already accessible to the public…”

The Unsplash Database of Freely Usable Images Now Includes Items From the British Library, Boston Public Library, Europeana, Library of Congress, New York Public Library, and Others

In addition, infoDOCKET reports from an Unsplash Post on Medium that “in July, we launched Unsplash for Education — connecting students and teachers everywhere to powerful, inspiring visuals.

From historical images of soldiers during World War I to baroque paintings, we’re excited that these renowned institutions have shared rich content on Unsplash, making it easier for students and the general public to find new meaning in their archives, creating presentations, artwork, reports, and more…”

LexisNexis launches new digital library experience in collaboration with OverDrive

According to Library Technology GuidesLexisNexis Legal & Professional today announced comprehensive updates to its LexisNexis Digital Library platform, which now has a completely redesigned interface and a number of beneficial new features that subscribers have been asking for. The LexisNexis Digital Library, a platform offering one of the largest collections of legal eBook publications, now includes a more personalized home page for individual users, better tools for managing notetaking and offline reading capabilities that are tailored to legal librarians and legal professionals…” The LexisNexis Digital Library was developed “in collaboration with OverDrive…”

Two Interviews with Hugh Halpern, the New Director of the Government Publishing Office (GPO)

Citing the Federal News Network, infoDOCKET also notes that “It’s not often that a longtime customer of a federal agency becomes its director. But that’s what happened at the Government Publishing Office. Hugh Halpern spent a career as a senior staff member on Capitol Hill, where he often dealt with the GPO on making sure printed copies of bills, budgets and committee reports came out on time. Last month Halpern was confirmed as GPO’s new director.

Listen to the Audio Interview and View Video Tour. See Also: Text Interview: “Print or Online? New GPO Director Hugh Halpern is Publishing ‘Agnostic’” (via Roll Call)

Coronavirus is disrupting the entire e-Reader Industry

According to Good e-Reader “the Coronavirus … is disrupting the entire e-reader industry. Dozens of online retailers and some of the biggest names in the e-reader industry, such as the Amazon Kindle, Onyx Boox, Pocketbook, Boyue, Sony Digital Paper and a myriad of others will be affected. Once products are sold out, they won’t be able to receive new stock. DHL, FEDEX, UPS, China EMS will not be sending out outstanding deliveries to retailers and all of the manufacturers have shut down their factories and employees will not report for work next week…”

Audiobooks are booming in the United Kingdom

Good e-Reader also notes that “in the United Kingdom audiobooks are on the rise. New Research by Harris Interactive found that in 2019 15% of Brits listened to an audiobook, while print remains the most dominant force with 77% of the population have read one in the past year. In 2019 audiobook sales increased by 43% and generated £69 million…”


Digital Privacy News Roundup (from infoDOCKET)

RBMedia continues to shatter records for digital library lending

CCC introduces ‘Touch-Free’ Workflow feature to RightsLink® for Scientific Communications

Cactus Communications announces acquisition of UNSILO, a Denmark-based technology solutions company

Amazon Paid Out Over $300 Million in Royalties via Kindle Unlimited Last Year


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