ATG Newsflash: Charleston Briefings and Charleston Voices monographs are now available on a new platform!

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All existing Charleston Briefings and Charleston Voices are now available on the reader-friendly Fulcrum publishing platform.

Each of these timely and topical books is available open access and can be viewed in their respective Fulcrum Charleston Briefings and Charleston Voices collections, or in the Against the Grain collection, which contains all content from both Voices and Briefings.

  • Charleston Briefings: Trending Topics for Information Professionals is a thought-provoking series of brief books concerning innovation in the sphere of libraries, publishing, and technology in scholarly communication. The briefings, growing out of the vital conversations characteristic of the Charleston Conference and Against the Grain, offer valuable insights into the trends shaping our professional lives and the institutions in which we work.” – Matthew Ismail, Editor-in-Chief, Charleston Briefings

  • “Charleston Voices is an ongoing yearly series that publishes chapters based on ideas first shared at the annual Charleston Conference.  The contributions point to emerging and continuing concerns for libraries and publishers and point to novel approaches and practices aimed at improving the publication, management, and use of scholarly resources.” – Lars Meyer, Editor-in-Chief, Charleston Voices

Against the Grain (ATG)’s goal is to link publishers, vendors, and librarians by reporting on the issues, literature, and people that impact the world of books and journals. ATG Media publishes two ongoing book collections: Charleston Briefings, a series of short books on the topic of innovation in libraries and scholarly communication; and Charleston Voices, a yearly series based on ideas first shared at the annual Charleston Conference.

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