Stephen Rhind-Tutt’s Conference Summary

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The final session of the Charleston Conference has traditionally included a conference summary by Stephen Rhind-Tutt, President, Coherent Digital, LLC.

Stephen Rhind-Tutt

Stephen began by looking at the hot topics from last year’s conference and comparing them with those for this year. Last year, he noted the prominence of open, and it is still important. Here are this year’s significant terms, each of which was briefly summarized in Stephen’s summary

  1. Open Access was mentioned by at least 50 speakers in 60 presentations, including all of the plenary presentations. Both content types and tools were emphasized. It was especially noticeable that he newly appointed CEO of Elsevier, Kumsal Bayazit, stressed that Elsevier fully supports OA.
  2. Learning in the Library: All sessions mentioned affordability of education as part of the library’s mission and the recognition it brings to the community. No other initiative appears to have a broader impact. There were also a number of sessions on OER, and this year, it the source of the funding is clear.
  3. Community was a track, so the number of mentions of it in the program grew. OA in all its forms leads to community.
  4. Broadening of content types: A session on resource discovery listed at least 10 different content types, some of them multiple times.
  5. Privacy & Identity: Single sign-on (SSO) may be a way of the future, which was evident because a session on it was standing room only. Liraries are using SSO to show value to students, and Nature has moved to SSO.
  6. User Experience: The user is now at the center of decision-making, not the content as formerly. Loss of control has already happened. The user is like the sun in the solar system; OPACs are like distant planets moving away.
  7. Research on the continued importance of Metadata, blockchain, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) continues to grow at about 10% annually.

Rhind-Tutt closed with the following good advice from C.S. Lewis:

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