Opening Keynote: Building Trust When Truth Shatters

by | Nov 19, 2019 | 0 comments

People are looking for new and better information. There is a growing perception that the Web is betraying us. Whaat shouldl we do next? What would do the maximum public good? Where do people turn? It’s primarily Wikipedia. Behind the scenes of every WP page are citations. If material has not been digitized, it’s missing from WP. Books, journals may not be there. So Brewster committed to helping WP by weaving millions of books and web pages into WP. The internet arcive has fixed over 10M broken links on WP. 6% of page views are clicked on, and lmost of them are on the Wayback Machine. 120K citation links were from 40K pages were fixed. Wikipedia loves Internet Archive and is working toward the same goal. Wired mag said that the iA is making WP more accurate. Libaries are nervous abut making >1923 material available. Controlled digital lending: 1 book at a time lent to a reader.

Ramping up digitization. Libraries donate books to the Internet Archive for digitization. 171K books from Trent University were made available. They had not circulated for 10 years, but now they are widely available. Only 1 copy is available at any one time. The IA is digitiing >1K books/day of modern books. Anybody anywhere can borrow a book. Did a stludy of what books are actively accessed on WP. Went to BetterWorldBooks and got millions of books. Set up a separate non-profit organizata: BetterWorldLibraries. (photo of their millions of books) People ship books to them and they check them against what’s in the IA and add what they don’t have to their colletion. They are preserving knowledge so that it won’t become extinct.

It’s hard to compete against Amazon, so this is a way to make their books physically available. History is preserved through books and other sources. If a book is not online it’s as if it doesn’t exist. The best we have to offer is not online. We can go further and make books available. Digital learners need us know. Together, we can complete the life cycle of books.

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