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Nicole Ameduri

Licensing Manager
Springer Nature
1 NY Plaza, NYC
Phone:  (646) 330-1720

BORN AND LIVED:  Born in Massachusetts.  Also lived in Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and Alaska.  I moved to NYC permanently in 2006 and have been proud to live in the best city in the world ever since. 

EARLY LIFE:  My early life was filled with classical music. My mother was a music teacher. I played clarinet, oboe, flute and piano and also sang.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  I was a professional opera singer for 12 years before joining the publishing industry in 2012 via JSTOR.  I’m now heavily involved with NASIG as the Fundraising Coordinator, member of the Vendor & Publisher Engagement Task Force and member of the Program Planning Committee.  I am also on the ER&L Wellness Committee.

FAMILY:  I have a sexy Turkish husband: Bahadir, a 19 year old cat: Dorabella and a 3 legged rescue cat: Chaz.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  Most of my free time is spent with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

FAVORITE BOOKS:  Lilac Girls, The Nightingale, Sarah’s Key, We Were The Lucky Ones, All the Light We Cannot See.

PHILOSOPHY:  Love God, Love people.

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:  I was the 2017 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year and to date have raised over $137,000 for the society.  This spring I trekked to Mt. Everest Base Camp with the society.  

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  I would like to be a “46’er,” i.e., to have summited all 46 peaks in the Adirondack Mountains.


Vanessa Boddington

Director of Market Development, EMEA & APAC
Chapter House, Pitfield, Kiln Farm
Milton Keynes  MK11 3LW UK
Phone:  +447392873752

BORN AND LIVED:  Durban, South Africa.  Relocated to UK in 2007.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  I run – road, cross country, obstacle course races and practice hot yoga.  I read, watch films and catch up on sleep, and plot my next trip away. 

FAVORITE BOOKS:  The Secret Garden, Dune, A Fine Balance, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Lord of the Rings.

PET PEEVES:  People who drag their wheelie bags way behind them at crowded stations.

PHILOSOPHY:  Live and let live.

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  I think the Higher Education sector in the UK will continue to see a blend of print and digital content but with more digital content being used in courses.  This will range from eTextbooks (hopefully with a larger percentage enhanced with interactive features like video and audio summaries) to personalized learning platforms and simulations.  Business models will be more varied with greater representation of consumer “use versus own” models like subscriptions.


Flora Bourne

eTextbook Coordinator
University of Manchester Library
University of Manchester
Joule Library, Sackville Street Building
Manchester  M1 3BU UK
Phone:  +161 275 3854
Library website: www.library.manchester.ac.uk
eTextbook Programme website:  www.library.manchester.ac.uk/using-the-library/staff/etextbook-programme/

BORN AND LIVED:  Manchester.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  Previously worked in public and private sector information roles before joining the University of Mancheser Library where I’ve been a member of the Customer Services and Academic Engagement teams before joining the Reading List team in my current role ten months ago. 

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  Very difficult to predict in an industry that is changing at such a fast pace.  Students will always need access to core material for their studies but how that will be delivered is not necessarily set in stone.  New cheap tech alternatives are springing up all the time and there will be more and more competition from Open Educational Resources (OER’s).  How Libraries buy etextbooks in the future might be very different in five years’ time!


Dominic Broadhurst

Academic Engagement Manager
University of Manchester Library
The Main Library, Oxford Road
Manchester  M13 9PP UK
Phone:  +44 161 276 1886

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  I have worked in a number of organisations and roles throughout my career.  In my current role my main professional interests and areas of expertise are as follows:  Enhancing value and impact of digital collections; Use and impact of digital textbooks; CRM application and exploitation in academic libraries;  Leadership of teams and management of change; Audience focused exploitation of Digital Libraries; Negotations with publishers and suppliers; Relationship management for academic libraries;  National and international developments in the Scholarly Communications industry.

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:  Most recent is developing an instutional e-textbook strategy and project which has developed into a fully established service at the University of Manchester.  I have aslo presented at conferences in UK and overseas on this topic plus continue to act as advisor to libraries and publishers across the globe. I also commentate regularly on this and a range of industry issues on Twitter @uomlib_dominic.

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  To embed our digital collections fully and seamlessly across the curriculum and research agendas. 

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  Massive transformational change is on the way (and already here in some cases).  Big benefits for our students and researchers are out there for us to exploit and the challenge for our industry is to both meet and exceed their expectations.  We also need a much diverse workforce and leadership that represent our industry, both with publishers and libraries. Everyone in our sector needs to take responsibility and accountability on so many levels to make this happen.


Todd A. Carpenter

Executive Director
National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
3600 Clipper Mill Rd., Suite 302
Baltimore, MD  21211
Phone:  (301) 654-2512
Twitter:  @TAC_NISO

BORN AND LIVED:  Rochester, NY.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  I was appointed Executive Director of NISO in 2006, where I presently endeavor to organize the community to develop community consensus on technology initiatives.  I also participate on a variety of boards and leadership activities including the Baltimore County Public Library Foundation, the ISO Techincal Subcommittee on Information & Documentation (TC 46/SC 9), the Free Ebook Foundation, and the ALA Policy Corps.  Prior to joining NISO I worked in management positions at BioOne, The Johns Hopkins University Press, the Energy Intelligence Group, and the Haworth Press.

FAMILY:  A son and daughter, 11 and 9 respectively.  How did they grow up so fast?

IN MY SPARE TIME:  Spare time?  What is this thing you speak of?  During the in-between moments of life, I love to cook (and eat!) gourmet meals while sharing them with friends and family.  I also collect and take abstract photographs. And I run, almost every day.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, WitchThe Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series;  All the books by Michael Lewis (Big Short, New New Thing, Flash Boys, Fifth Risk).

PET PEEVES:  People who think they have all the answers.

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  I am hoping that five years from now, the merger between NFAIS and NISO will be viewed as a success and will have made a positive impact on our community.

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  I see the community becoming more collaborative and more interconnected.  The reason for this is that library users and readers generally are seeking to navigate the network of content online seamlessly and effortlessly.  That demand will require content creators, software companies, discovery and delivery services to be much more integrated. There likely won’t be a single stop-and-shop place for all content everywhere, so there will need to be interoperable ways to move from one service to another.  This will require collaboration, common systems, and (I have to say it) standards.


Katherine Daniel

Business Analyst

BORN AND LIVED:  Singapore, Denver, Budapest, NYC.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  You’ll find me running or exploring, kicking back with a novel, or watching cat videos.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  I really couldn’t pick, but I love fantasy and young adult fiction as a way to wind down and engage my imagination.

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:  Working with UNFPA to raise millions of dollars in support of women and young people’s reproductive health rights, and of course, publishing the Library Acquisition Patterns report.


Michelle McClure Elneil

Accounting and Serials Coordinator
University of Florida
George A. Smathers Libraries
P.O.Box 117007
Gainesville, FL  32611
Phone:  (352) 273-2671

Michelle is an Accounting and Serials Coordinator at the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries, where she manages the Health Science Center Library materials budget.  Prior to joining UF in 2011, Michelle worked in the Financial Services industry in New York. She holds degrees from the University of Florida, Florida State University, and Rutgers University.

BORN AND LIVED:  I was born in Medellin, Colombia and raised in northern Florida.  I have also lived in New York and Minnesota, and have had the privilege to travel to countries in Europe and Asia.  If I were to travel again long-distance it would be to Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, and Moscow.

EARLY LIFE:  As a young small-town girl, I moved across the country to New Jersey to study Economics at Rutgers University, alma mater of Nobel Prize Winner in Economics Milton Friedman.  I received a rigorous education that challenged me, and helped me to grow exponentially. To this day, I still fondly recall specific assignments, instructors, and even textbooks.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  As most Econ. majors within 100 miles of New York City, I endeavored to get a job on Wall Street.  I was fortunate, and many thanks to Professor Duguay’s instruction on the Black Sholes Model, I landed a financial analyst position in Manhattan.  Over the next ten years, I worked for some large and amazing financial firms gaining experience in areas such as accounting, analysis, capital markets, contracts, credit, risk management, and trading.  After getting married and my son was born, it was time for me to move back home to north Florida. Following two graduate degrees, I currently work for an academic institution that is comprised of dedicated people that work hard to make positive changes in the world. 

FAMILY:  My family is located all over the United States.  I have been blessed with one child, Farris, who is the light of my life.  And together, we also have one cat, Smokey, who is the light of Farris’s life.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  Being a mom.

FAVORITE BOOKS: The Bible;  anything Economics and Finance;  many titles from the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century;  and others from authors like Dostoevsky, García Márquez, Najjar, Neruda, Pasternak, and Plato.

PET PEEVES:  Inconsideration.

PHILOSOPHY:  “The good man is the friend of all living things.” — Mahatma Gandhi

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” — Chinese Proverb

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:  I feel thankful for every hurdle and challenge that I have overcome and has led me to where I am now.  I am doing work that I truly enjoy and that offers challenges, and opportunities for innovation and professional growth.  I am also very fortunate to be working with great people who are like a second family. I strive each day to keep learning and improving.

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  Obtain additional accounting & budgeting credentials.  Successfully prepare my son with his school studies, and to travel more with him.

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  Continuous innovation and evolution.


Jason Harper

Collections and Content Strategy Manager
Charles Seale-Hayne Library, University of Plymouth
Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon  PL4 8AA UK

BORN AND LIVED:  I am a very proud Dorset man, born and bred from an old Dorset family in the heart of Hardy country, but I have lived and worked across the South East, London, Midlands, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire throughout my professional career before finding my way back to the West Country in Devon.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  I am passionate about natural history, wildlife and the natural environment, and a very keen fly fisherman and fly tyer.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  The Jack Aubrey series by Patrick O’Brien, Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, Wilfred Thesinger’s Life of my Choice, Eastern Approaches by Fitzroy Maclean, Don Charlwood’s No Moon Tonight, and Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac.

PHILOSOPHY:  Opinions are like elbows, most people have at least one.

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  I think that Library Systems and Research Systems technology really need to develop in order to mirror the sort of intuitive functionality and interconnectivity that users have come to expect from apps and services they commonly use in their personal life.  I would also hope to see an exponential growth in the availability of open access research and educational resources, and support for the intelligent discovery of this content. Data will be increasingly important for pattern analysis and decision-making, and the Higher Education industry needs to catch up with the kind of processing power, augmented machine intelligence and insight into behaviours currently being deployed by internet marketing companies.


Becky Hartnup

Independent Consultant
Becky Hartnup Consulting Ltd
32 Niagara Avenue, London W5 4UD
Phone:  07977929484


PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  My publishing career spanned children’s educational comics, lifestyle magazines at the BBC before settling in academic and Higher Education Publishing.  I managed the launch of institutional site licences at Nature Publishing Group, giving scientists around the world desktop access to essential content. I also contributed to industry projects such as Crossref and Counter.  At Palgrave Macmillan I shaped online products for higher education, working across reference, monographs and study skills products. Since 2009 I have worked as an independent consultant providing strategic and creative support to universities, publishers and technology suppliers.  My current research passion is the relationship of learning and play. 

I studied Government and History at London School of Economics and more recently, an MBA at Imperial College, where I was nominated to the Deans List for Academic Excellence and was awarded the Personal Learning Journey Award for exceptional engagement with module and significant contribution to student experience.

FAMILY:  I have a supportive husband and two teenage sons who ensure I don’t fall behind on new tech.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  I am an acting member of The Questors Theatre Company and a member of Whats this Q improvisation group.  I am writing a paper on the use of escape rooms in learning.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  Too many to list! 

PET PEEVES:  I worry about big things not little things.

PHILOSOPHY:  I have two, which create a nice tension:  To find a solution you need to really understand the problem.  If you don’t get started, you won’t get finished.

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  I hope that my work as a consultant continues to throw up exciting opportunities to carry out research into the changing learning environment and to apply the findings in the real world.  I’d also like to expand the work I am doing in the immersive learning space. 

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  Over the next five years we can expect the disruption of education to continue.  Speaking to Higher Education leaders it is clear that they are highly aware of the need to respond to the challenges of regulatory change, political uncertainty and student expectations.  Digital learning, implemented thoughtfully, offers the opportunity to improve student experience in a scaleable way. Institutions with strong brands and the ability to use technology to deliver effective, student-centred distance learning will be able to extend their geographic reach.

This is not to say that all learning will become distance learning.  There is a unique value to fact to face learning, but as online courses become mainstream institutions will become more experienced at blending the two elements.  The ease of access of e-textbooks supports this trajectory as it overcomes practical problems and fits with student lifestyles, and the transition from print to digital will certainly continue. However, there needs to be more creativity in business models and format for e-textbooks to meet their potential.



Deanna Marcum

Senior Advisor
Ithaka S+R
6 East 32nd Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY  10016
Phone:  (917) 213-2400

BORN AND LIVED:  Born in Salem, Indiana.  Lived in Bloomington, IN, Urbana, IL, Lexington, KY, Nashville, TN and in Washington, DC since 1977.

EARLY LIFE:  I grew up on a farm near Salem. 

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  I am fortunate to have been an academic librarian, worked at ARL, Council on Library Resources, head the Council on Library and Information Resources, serve as the Associate Librarian for Library Services at the Library of Congress, and lead the Ithaka S+R organization as it Managing Director.  Now I am semi-retired and serving as a Senior Advisor at Ithaka S+R.

FAMILY:  Married to Thomas Marcum.  We have a married daughter and son-in-law who live in Baltimore.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  I am a gardener.  Last year, I completed the Master Gardener training program in Montgomery County, Maryland.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  Anything by William Faulkner.

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:  I have had a wonderful career, filled with many highs.  I am grateful.

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  I hope to be fully retireid.

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS: Libraries will become dramatically different providers of services. There will be more collaboration.  There will be better integration with the missions of their institutions.


Raimonda Margjoni

Accounting & Serials Manager
University of Florida
George A. Smathers Libraries
P.O.Box 117007
Gainesville, FL  32611
Phone:  (352) 273-2698

BORN AND LIVED:  I was born in Tirana, Albania, have lived for about a year in Italy and have been living in the United States since 1996. 

EARLY LIFE:  I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from University of Tirana in Albania.  Right after graduation, I worked as an Electrical Engineer in Albania for about eight years before moving to Florida, USA.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  My work in libraries began as “just a job” at first.  But it certainly marked the switch to a new career as I discovered that side of me that loved the library environment and the sense of accomplishment it offered.  I enrolled in graduate studies at the University of South Florida and completed my MLIS in 2008. While at the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries, I’ve held many positions.  Currently, I am the Accounting & Serials Manager of the Acquisitions & Collections Services Department. In addition to planning and coordinating the Libraries’ materials budget, I have an extensive experience in acquisitions, collection development support, continuing resources management, and reference services.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from University of Tirana in Albania and an MLIS from University of South Florida.  

FAMILY:  I’m happily married and have one daughter, Iva, my pride and joy, who lives in Sarasota with her lovely dog, Nova. 

IN MY SPARE TIME:  I like to practice self-care through an active and healthy lifestyle at every chance I get.  I also love traveling, whether it is to the beach, to a city nearby, or visiting Iva and Nova. Every so often, we travel oversees to visit family in Albania, Italy and UK.  Relaxing at home and taking it easy is an absolute treat!  

FAVORITE BOOKS:  Too many to list.  I love anything inspirational and empowering!

PET PEEVES:  Interrupting (mid-sentence).

PHILOSOPHY:  “Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow has not yet come.  We have only today. Let us begin.” — Mother Teresa

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:  Learning and growth never stop for me.  My entire working career has been an achievement in itself.  Having had professional careers in two very different fields, one by choice and the other one by accident has been a real professional accomplishment!  Combining the knowledge and expertise gained from both with my “passion for numbers and analysis,” as a previous manager put it, culminated into my current role in Accounting that I love and find both rewarding and challenging.  “Tomorrow has yet to come,” Mother Teresa says. 

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  Professional – Increase application of Agile and share results with peers and colleagues.  Personal – Maintain a healthy lifestyle and spend more time with family and friends.


Melanie Masserant

Account Development Manager
Northwest & Northern Midwest
Springer Nature
New York, NY

BORN AND LIVED:  Born & raised in southeastern Michigan.  I’ve been living in Brooklyn, NY for 17 years. 

EARLY LIFE:  Ballet & tap dancing, age 5-20.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  Brief stint as a reference librarian at CUNY before joining Springer Nature in 2014.

FAMILY:  Husband James, step-daughter Maddie.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  Home organizing & Pilates.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, My Brilliant Friend & Hollywood Babylon.

PET PEEVES:  People who up-talk and pepper their vocabulary with the word “like.”


Annette Moore

University of Sussex
The Library, University of Sussex
Brighton  BN1 9QL UK
Phone:  01273 877046

BORN AND LIVED:  I was born in Pinner in Middlesex where I spent my early years and later moved to Guildford.  For many years now I have lived along the South coast of England, in Brighton and currently in Angmering.  

EARLY LIFE:  I spent my early years living in Guildford in a house opposite Stoke Park that I have very fond memories of.  We had a large garden and my father would always be in the garden, growing vegetables or cutting the lawn – tasks that he would involve me and my sister with.  I think this is where I developed my love of gardening. 

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  I have worked in libraries for most of my professional career and during that time have studied for an Open University degree in Information Technology and an MA in Information Management. 

FAMILY:  I am lucky to have a large family, including four lovely grandchildren. 

IN MY SPARE TIME:  I enjoy going for long walks with my two dogs.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  My family and other animals, Gerald Durrell;  The Remains of the day, Kazuo Ishiguro;  Great Expectations, Charles Dickens. 

PET PEEVES:  Loud mobile phone conversations in public places.

PHILOSOPHY:  Borrowed from Socrates: “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:  One of my early posts in the Library world involved transitioning the Interlibrary Loans purely manual workflow into an automated online requesting service.  It was my first real venture into user centred design and re-evaluating workflows. I learned so much from that experience that has continued to be useful to me in other projects.

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  I would like to work towards and achieve a much closer alignment and communication beween the academic library and the University as a whole.   Our library systems are increasingly integrated with other systems on campus, but optimizing this can only be achieved by better communication, collaboration and alignment with other parts of the university.

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  I see the academic library of the future increasingly being a part of the university learning “ecosystem”;  working collaboratively across different sections of the University, making the most of developing technologies and innovation to deliver content and connect users with that content within the user’s personal digital environment.  Additionally, harnessing and anaylsing digital data to better align services with users’ changing requirements. A sense of space and belonging will still be important to our users, whether this is a physical or a digital space. The exciting agenda will be whether and to what extent can libraries replicate the benefits of face-to-face interactions with users in an increasingly digital space.


Kevin Ohe

Academic Publishing Director, Bloomsbury Digital Resources
Bloomsbury Publishing, Inc.
1385 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY  10018
Phone:  (212) 419-5300
www.bloomsbury.com  • www.bloomsbury.com/dr/digital-resources/  • www.fairchildbooks.com

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  I’ve worked my entire career in editorial departments in reference and academic publishing — print and digital.

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS:  I’ve played parts in creating Greenwood’s digital portfolio (including Dartmouth-winner Pop Culture Universe);  ABC-CLIO’s second generation of Solutions products, integrating Greenwood’s products; and the establishment of Bloomsbury’s Bloomsbury Digital Resources division.


Graham Stone

Senior Research Manager
6th Floor, Churchgate House, 56 Oxford Street
Manchester  M1 6EU UK


Role — I manage a cross team research unit to ensure the highest quality of service provision to libraries in the UK higher education sector with regards to Jisc Collections activities and open access services.

This includes designing and conducting a range of planned and ad-hoc quantitative and qualitative research; implementing policies, processes and systems to enable the effective evaluation, monitoring and communication of research activity to enable informed decision making for Jisc and it’s members; assisting in the monitoring of the transition to open access as part of funder policy and cOAlition S guidelines; related metadata issues; new forms of open access publishing, such as library-led presses and academic led publishing; and other research projects which support Jisc’s objectives in these areas.

Background — Previously I worked in the university sector for 23 years, most recently at the University of Huddersfield where I managed the library resources budget, open access services and the University of Huddersfield Press.  I am a Chartered Librarian (MCLIP) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). I was awarded my professional doctorate in 2017 for research on New University Press publishing. I am also co-author of TERMS (Techniques in E-Resources Management) alongside Jill Emery (Portland State University) and Peter McCracken (Cornell University).


Suzanne Tatham

University of Sussex
The Library, Falmer
Brighton  BN1 9QL UK
Phone:  01273 877632

BORN AND LIVED:  Born in Bristol, now happily residing in Brighton.

EARLY LIFE:  Fun – lots of time playing outdoors with twin sister.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  Ten years at the University of Brighton followed by years at the University of Sussex.

FAMILY:  Three grown up children but two still doing the boomerang thing.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  Nothing out of the ordinary – sing in a choir, trips to local Arthouse cinema, yoga, painfully slow progress in French classes, exploring European capital cities.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  A recent favourite is Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant.

PET PEEVES:  Impoliteness.

PHILOSOPHY:  Always consider the possibility that you might be mistaken.

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:  Strategic partnership visit to the University of Ghana.

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  Will have learnt to dive.

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  If UK politics carries on the way it’s going, I think libraries will find they have even more restricted budgets.  We will have to find ways to work smarter and to make all our resources earn their keep. 

Plan S has the potential to be a game-changer for universities, as does Brexit, although five years is likely to be too soon to realise the impact.


Bob Vrooman

Publisher, New Business Development
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
140 Huguenot Street
New Rochelle, NY  10801
Phone:  (805) 585-8680

BORN AND LIVED:  Kansas City, MO.

EARLY LIFE:  Kansas City, Virginia, DC, NY, CA

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  I have spent virtually my entire career in scientific publishing, in sales, editorial, and management roles.  This includes working at two associations – American Psychological Association, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, and three commercial publishers – Springer, SAGE, and now Mary Ann Liebert.  In each of these positions, I enjoyed growing revenue, number of titles published, and the overall content and impact of our publications. I have also enjoyed working with mission-driven societies, leading scientists and thought leaders and passionate colleagues.     

FAMILY:  I have a wife, Jennifer, two sons, Kyle, and Brandon, and one daughter, Molly. 

IN MY SPARE TIME:  We live on a mini ranch and own three horses.  My daughter is an avid equestrian, so I spend a lot of my personal time as her groom and taking care of our farm. 

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  The scholarly publishing landscape is under considerable change and uncertainty, which can be unsettling, but can also be exciting, with all sorts of possibilities.  I do not think there will be one predominant model that dominates the industry. There are too many diverse stakeholders with different needs. I expect open access to continue to grow, perhaps more dramatically, but I also expect subscription and print publications to still be an important model for many journals. 

We are going to see more published content, earlier and broader dissemination of science, and new, creative models for peer review and publication.  Publishers will continue to be challenged with the changing market and shifting revenue models, so we will need to stay on our toes, be nimble, and embrace the challenges!


Olivia Walsby

Reading List Services Manager
University of Manchester Library
University of Manchester
Joule Library, Sackville Street Building
Manchester  M1 3BU UK
Phone:  0161 2753743

BORN AND LIVED:  United Kingdom.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  I have worked in academic libraries for 20 years, with a career focus on resource provision, the student experience and digital technologies within HE.  Roles have included electronic resources, digitisation and reading list services support, Faculty Team Librarian and Academic Engagement Librarian for Biological, Medical and Human Sciences.  Currently responsible for managing the University of Manchester Library’s Reading List Service, including management of our eTextbook Programme.

HOW/WHERE DO I SEE THE INDUSTRY IN FIVE YEARS:  From a UK perspective there are a number of potential issues emerging which will have a far reaching impact within the Higher Education sector (such as Brexit & the Auger Review) creating high levels of uncertainty, particularly financially for HE Libraries.  However, whilst challenging, such an environment will also encourage lateral and creative thinking and the opportunity to present ever innovative ideas for what will need to be a more agile approach to service delivery. I believe focus will need to be on providing value for money, demonstrating impact, digital efficiencies and essentially how we can do more with less!


Saskia Watts

Marketing Specialist
Phone:  07710726688

BORN AND LIVED:  Born in Frome.  Lived in Frome, Oxford and Milton Keynes. 

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  Saskia Watts is a Marketing Specialist for VitalSource EMEA and APAC, focusing on helping both institutions and publishers deliver effective, affordable, and accessible learning materials to students.  Prior to joining VitalSource, Saskia worked at Lightning Source, aiding in the marketing Ingram’s print on demand offerings. She also attended Oxford Brookes University, where she studied Publishing Media.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  Attempting to learn Spanish, whilst also finding the time to go to the theatre (I’ve managed to see Hamilton three times so far)!

FAVORITE BOOKS:  The Princess Bride, Grief is the Thing with Feathers, The Hate U Give.




Bloomsbury Publishing, Inc

50 Bedford Square London;  1385 Broadway, New York, NY;  offices in Oxford, UK; Sydney, AU, and New Delhi, India
Phone:  (212) 419-5300

OFFICERS:  Nigel Newton, Founder and Chief Executive

KEY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:  Launched in 2017 by Bloomsbury Publishing, Bloomsbury Digital Resources focuses on providing essential and cutting edge scholarly content in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  Whether it be primary documents, critical texts, historical archives, or the latest in video and audio resources, we are committed to enhancing the research experience with innovative, engaging, and dynamic digital resources of the highest quality.

Bloomsbury – Digital Products:  

  • Berg Fashion Library
  • Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts
  • Bloomsbury Architecture Library
  • Bloomsbury Collections
  • Bloomsbury Cultural History
  • Bloomsbury Design Library
  • Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies
  • Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers
  • Bloomsbury Fashion Central
  • Bloomsbury Food Library
  • Bloomsbury Popular Music
  • Churchill Archive
  • Drama Online
  • Screen Studies 

CORE MARKETS/CLIENTELE:  Bloomsbury Digital Resources provides creative online learning environments that support scholarly research and inspire students throughout the world.  We seek to engage our users with academically rigorous, editorially crafted content that encourages people to think and explore. We believe in working in partnership with librarians, researchers and instructors to offer flexible solutions and unparalleled customer support, and we strive to create a culture of excellence and entrepreneurial thinking that is solutions-focused and rewards innovation.

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES:  Approximately 700.



HISTORY AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOUR COMPANY/PUBLISHING PROGRAM:  Bloomsbury is a leading independent publisher of fiction, non-fiction, children’s, specialist, academic and professional titles.  The company’s mission is to publish works of excellence and originality. We are one of the few publishers with a portfolio that includes both general and academic publishing.  Bloomsbury’s ambitious growth story has seen the company become a significant global publisher with offices in the UK, US, Australia and India.


Ithaka S+R



OFFICERS:  Catherine Bond Hill, Managing Director; Roger C. Schonfeld, Director, Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums Program; Martin Kurzweil, Director, Educational Transformation Program.

KEY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:  Providing evidence-driven insights to support higher education, scholarly communications, and cultural institutions.

CORE MARKETS/CLIENTELE:  Foundations, consortia, and individual institutions.



Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers

140 Huguenot Street, 3rd Floor
New Rochelle, NY  10801
Phone:  (914) 740-2100
Fax:  (914) 740-2101

AFFILIATED COMPANIES:  Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Clincial OMICs, Institute of Professional Education, Rosalind Franklin Society.

OFFICERS:  Mary Ann Liebert (CEO), Marianne Russell (COO), Vicki Cohn (Chief Editorial Officer), John Mancini (CFO), Joe Cruz (CIO).

KEY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:  Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is a leading independent publisher known worldwide for its prescience and establishment of authoritative peer-reviewed journals, books, and trade publications in cutting-edge fields such as biotechnology and regenerative medicine, biomedical research, medicine and surgery, public health research and policy, technology and engineering, law, environmental research and policy, and other specialized disciplines.  The company publishes over 90 peer-reviewed journals, leading trade magazines, and specialized newsletters, in addition to society membership management and conferences.

CORE MARKETS/CLIENTELE:  Academic, Corporate, Government.






HISTORY AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOUR COMPANY/PUBLISHING PROGRAM:  Founded by Mary Ann Liebert in 1980, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is a leading independent publisher of scientific, technical, and medical content, known worldwide for its prescience and establishment of authoritative peer-reviewed journals, books, and trade publications in cutting-edge fields such as biotechnology, biomedical research, medicine and surgery, public health research and policy, technology and engineering, law, environmental research and policy, and other specialized disciplines. 

Driven by her visionary passion and ceaseless curiosity, Mary Ann Liebert identifies and nurtures critical topics and cutting-edge fields by creating first-to-market, specialized publications that play a vital role in advancing research and facilitating collaboration in academia, industry, and government.  The company is deeply committed to ensuring the highest quality content and is able to invest for the long-term, supporting publications in emerging markets through to maturity.

The company’s flagship publication, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), was launched in 1980, the very first publication of its kind for the field of biotechnology.  Today, GEN is the most widely read and highly regarded publication in the field, delivering cutting-edge news and analysis of the technologies, applications, and trends that are driving the future of biotechnology.  The company has published many “firsts” in the market, including AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, Human Gene Therapy, LGBT Health, and, most recently, The CRISPR Journal.

IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE THAT YOU THINK WOULD BE OF INTEREST TO OUR READERS?  More than just a publisher, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. collaborates effectively with corporations, educational institutions, nonprofit foundations, and other enterprises in a broad array of extended capabilities that include custom publications, conferences, webinars, association management, videos, and newsletters.  These resources play a pivotal role for corporations, associations, and institutions to advance their own goals.



Chapter House
Pitfield, Kiln Farm
Milton Keynes  MK11 3LW UK

KEY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:  VitalSource Technologies LLC, part of Ingram Content Group, is improving the learning experience by making it easier to create and deliver effective and affordable content.  The preferred choice among educational institutions and companies for digital learning materials, VitalSource helps over 1,000 educational content providers create and deliver seamless interactive learning experiences through its exclusive Bookshelf platform to millions of learners at 7,000 institutions.  Bookshelf users opened more than 20 million digital textbooks last year and read more than 3.3 billion pages. Follow VitalSource on Twitter at @ VitalSourceUK.

Bookshelf (eReader), Analytics, VitalSource Studio (content authoring platform), Acrobatiq (personalised learning platform).

CORE MARKETS/CLIENTELE:  Operates globally with core markets in USA/Canada, UKIR, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia.




Charles Seale-Hayne Library

University of Plymouth
Drake Circus, Plymouth
Devon  PL4 8AA  UK

BACKGROUND/HISTORY:  The Charles Seale-Hayne Library supports teaching, learning and research;  providing services to students, academic and professional staff, and members of the public who can use it for reference purposes. 

Our focus is on enabling the transformation of information into knowledge, and we do that through providing access to information resources, developing and delivering services, managing learning spaces, and facilitating the development of information and digital literacy. 

TYPES OF MATERIALS YOU BUY (EBOOKS, TEXTBOOKS, DVD’S, VIDEO STREAMING SERVICES, DATABASES, OTHER):  All materials from print and ejournal subscriptions, indexing databases and full-text ecollections, print and eBooks, eTextbooks, digital extracts, research monographs, official publications and technical standards, rare and special collections material.

WHAT TECHNOLOGIES DOES YOUR LIBRARY USE TO SERVE MOBILE USERS?  ALMA URL resolver, with authentication and access via Single Sign On and Hosted Ezproxy.  Discovery platform uses responsive design, and Campus M mobile app delivers selected Library services to student body.




IF SO, WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET AND WHAT TYPES OF MATERIALS ARE YOU PURCHASING?  PRINT OR ELECTRONIC OR BOTH?  We purchase all types and formats of content, with a “digital first” collection development policy.

WHAT PROPORTION OF YOUR MATERIALS ARE LEASED AND NOT OWNED?  We do not currently lease materials other than database subscriptions.

WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR LIBRARY WILL BE LIKE IN FIVE YEARS?  Leaner, more evidence based in content selection, and more reliant on open access and open educational content, with Library space catering even more towards mixed and group use supported by greater access to technology.

WHAT EXCITES OR FRIGHTENS YOU ABOUT THE NEXT FIVE YEARS?  I am excited about the growth of the digital arts and humanities and what that means for new research, open access and repositories.  I am excited about the possibilities of linked data and AI for improving discovery, and about the potential to place content in the digital spaces that students now inhabit, rather than forcing them to come to the Library system, or digital learning environment.  I am frightened by the financial and demographic challenges facing the UK Higher Education sector, and what that means in terms of resourcing and funding for Library and IT services.


University of Manchester Library

250 Oxford Road
Manchester  M13 9PP UK
Phone:  +44 (0)161 275 3716

BACKGROUND/HISTORY:  The University of Manchester Library is at the heart of Britain’s largest university, welcoming over three million students, researchers and visitors per year.

Our core role:

  • Making an indispensable contribution to the University’s work
    and reputation.
  • Being close to scholarship and to scholars as part of Manchester’s
    research life.
  • Listening to students to ensure choice and quality in all our
    libraries and online.
  • Collaborating through the University’s Digital Strategy and Digital
  • Ensuring The John Rylands Library is the most remarkable
    university special collections library in the world.
  • Partnering with challenging and aspirational institutions.
  • Providing an efficient, fulfilling and creative workplace for our
  • Acting locally, nationally and internationally.




DOES YOUR LIBRARY HAVE A COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT OR SIMILAR DEPARTMENT?  Content, Collections and Discovery which has the following departments:

  • Acquisitions Development and Subscriptions
  • Discovery and Metadata
  • Collection Care
  • Collection Development and Management
  • Content on demand
  • Reading List Services



University of Sussex Library

University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton  BN1 9QL UK
Phone:  01273 678163

BACKGROUND/HISTORY:  The University of Sussex was established in 1958.  It is a research-intensive university, part of the previous 1994 Group, with over 17,000 students.  The Library was opened in 1964 and is now a member of RLUK.


TYPES OF MATERIALS YOU BUY (EBOOKS, TEXTBOOKS, DVD’S, VIDEO STREAMING SERVICES, DATABASES, OTHER):  We purchase/make available/subscribe to print books, eBooks, specialist databases, A&I databases, DVDs, video streaming services, digital archives, e-textbooks, journals and newspapers.






WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR LIBRARY WILL BE LIKE IN FIVE YEARS?  Likely to be more partnerships, both national and international.  Likely to be moving even further towards access rather than ownership models.  



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