ATG News & Announcements 2/1/19

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infoDOCKET reports that “just like you would your own Spotify playlist, you will soon be able to contribute to building the book collection at University Library for yourself and the IUPUI community.

Starting Feb. 5, the library is handing off the power of ordering books to faculty, staff and students to decide what they want by introducing Books on Demand, the instant library book ordering system…”

infoDOCKET, citing the Financial Times, also notes that “watercolours painted by soldiers, surveyors and scientists to document the world in the pre-photographic era have been published online as part of a project to preserve an overlooked repository of historic imagery…”

In addition, infoDOCKET reports that “Grambling State University revealed designs on Thursday for a new digital library that will add more than 50,000 square feet of learning space to the university…

Designed by Architects Beazley Moliere and Mathes Brierre Architects, the new facility will serve the GSU’s growing student body, which recently reached a five-year enrollment high of 5,205 students…”

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce has been renamed as Kaleidoscope program. The name Kaleidoscope signifies responsiveness to fluid landscapes, needs, and cultures, which is an important element of diversity, equity, and inclusion in research libraries and in society more broadly…”

According to the Hill “Net neutrality supporters will get their day in court this week as they challenge the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) repeal of the popular Obama-era internet rules.

A panel of federal appeals court judges will hear oral arguments Friday in a lawsuit challenging the FCC’s deregulation of the broadband industry…”

According to Information Today “The YouTube team posted on its blog that it has made hundreds of changes to its recommendations system in the past year, including recommending videos on a wider set of topics. For U.S. videos, YouTube will take “a closer look at how we can reduce the spread of content that comes close to—but doesn’t quite cross the line of—violating our Community Guidelines...”

KnowledgeSpeak reports that  “Elsevier, has announced that Kumsal Bayazit has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, effective February 15, 2019. Bayazit succeeds Ron Mobed who, after seven years as Elsevier’s Chief Executive Officer, has decided to retire. Mobed will support his successor during the transition, providing counsel and advice until June. Youngsuk (YS) Chi will remain Chairman of Elsevier…”

KnowledgeSpeak also notes that “the Institute for Scientific Information, the ‘university’ of Web of Science Group has launched its Global Research Reports – a new series of publications aimed at those who deal with research in academia, corporations, publishers and governments to inform, to stimulate debate and to demonstrate the rich information potential of research data. The first Global Research Report, ‘Profiles not Metrics’ draws attention to the information that is lost when data about researchers and their institutions are squeezed into simplified metrics or a league table…”

In addition KnowledgeSpeak reports that “Frontiers has announced the integration of Chronos, the grantee platform of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and preprint server BioRxiv into the Frontiers academic manuscript submission system. This integration further simplifies the submission process for Frontiers’ authors. The integration of these external research platforms into the Frontiers submission system is the latest development in Frontiers’ efforts to continually improve the publishing process and offer ever-more author services…”





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