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How are Libraries Evolving into Emergency Management Centers

A library’s role as a public facility has begun to expand beyond just a resource for knowledge and a trusted provider of information services. Because of their essential roles in communities, libraries are gradually becoming a refuge for citizens and an important source of information in emergency situations.

However, librarians are now faced with equipping themselves with the means to provide emergency assistance and care, as well as housing and human services to individuals and families during crisis situations. Mr. Michael R. Mabe, co-author of The Developing Role of Public Libraries in Emergency Management: Emerging Research and Opportunities, explored the expanding role of libraries in emergency situations, the resources they can provide, and the steps libraries can take to prepare and adapt. Mr. Mabe was joined by Beth Bernhardt from University of North Carolina Greensboro, who previewed the upcoming 2018 Charleston Conference and discussed Against the Grain, a journal that provides trending news to librarians and publishers.

View the recorded webinar here.

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