ATG Conferences, Meetings and Webinars 8/17/18

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NFAIS Announces Call for Presentations for 2019 Humanities Roundtable

“Interested in presenting at this Humanities Roundtable event? Our call for presentations is open until August 31, 2018 at

As humanities scholars utilize new technologies to produce their research, traditional measures of evaluation often do not reflect the changing output.  However, proper assessment is critical for hiring as well as for tenure and promotion decisions, which have an affect on the future of academia. Institutions, departments and societies are in the process of developing guidelines of evaluating work in digital media/digital humanities, while scholars are learning new skills to become competent peer reviewers.

NFAIS will explore this new realm of scholarship at our “Evaluation of Digital Scholarship in the Humanities and Its Impact” roundtable on March 10, 2019  in Washington DC, and we invite you join the discussion as a speaker!

This year, NFAIS is again partnering with the National Humanities Alliance (NHA) to provide participants with even more value.  The NFAIS 2019 Humanities Roundtable will be held on Sunday, March 10th, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, as a pre-conference to the NHA event…”

“New Directions in Strategy, Technology and Community

Join us again this year for our DC-based SSP New Directions Seminar, which has been expanded for 2018. Through speaker presentations, panel sessions, roundtables, and a lively debate session, we will explore new ways in which publishers are combining new strategies, new technology, and new approaches to their communities to meet today’s challenges. Topics will include organizations using collaboration as a competitive strategy, the new pressures of “publish or perish” in light of the changing definition of what counts towards scholarly productivity, and the new requirement for scientists and scholars to tell their stories beyond academia — to policy-makers and the public — to ensure the greatest societal impact…”

“All About the User Experience: Researcher Perspectives on Access, Privacy, and Security in Scholarly Communications

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
9:00am – Noon

Today’s researchers have enough on their plates without having to worry about off-campus access to content, who is monitoring their use of information resources and why, and what happens if there is a security breach. Publishers, platform, and service professionals rarely use their own tools in the way researchers do, so they may not understand the growing frustration around these three intertwined topics. Librarians are often left trying to help confused and frustrated users and trying to communicate with information providers to improve the situation for all. With illegal use of private data, data theft, and increasing demands for more control over personal data, it’s time to hear from researchers about their experiences in navigating the world of content and services within the library and beyond, and craft strategies for staying focused on the user experience. What do researchers think about how platform and service companies should manage the delicate tradeoff between personalization and privacy? How might new regulations affect the provider-researcher relationship? How can libraries manage these same concerns for their researchers? Join us to better understand the end user perspective and the hurdles researchers face daily in conducting their research by hearing directly from them, and leave with strategies for looking at your platforms and services in new ways. With a roundtable format and time for an open mic session, we will craft a lively interactive session to place the focus back on the researcher…”

September 27, 2018

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

Does the idea of negotiating with vendors, administrators or community members make you nervous? Or do you just worry you don’t have the skills and experience necessary to represent your library effectively? If you fit into either of these categories this session is for you. This practical one-hour session with provide you with research on what productive negotiation looks like, how you can use your own strengths to make yourself a confident negotiator, and key techniques for preparing for any type of negotiation. The session will provide real-world library examples that you can apply immediately to your next meeting or conversation.

Instructor: Beth Ashmore, Metadata Librarian for Serials and Electronic Resources at Samford University

October 12, 2018

2:00 – 4:00pm ET

In this session the instructor will lead participants through the legal issues surrounding copyright concerning library publishing, including the copyright policy for the unit, author’s rights, and licensing and permissions necessary to publish work through the library. The course will begin with an introduction to basic copyright rules, but will also include more complex issues such as fair use and creative commons licensing. The rights of authors and different options for author publishing agreements (in terms of copyright) will also be discussed. The participants will be empowered to consult copyright policies from other library publishing groups to draft and implement their own internal and extern copyright publishing policies.

Instructor: Sara Benson, Copyright Librarian and Assistant Professor in the Scholarly Communication and Publishing Unit at the University of Illinois Library

CRL’s Global Resources Collections Forum, an annual venue for ideas and expertise on research collections and digital resources, this year focused on “The New Global Information Supply Chain.” Speakers and attendees explored how money, politics, and technology are complicating the ways academic libraries enable access to primary source data and materials for international studies and research. A new post on CRL’s Common Knowledge blog talks about what that means for CRL’s strategic agenda.




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