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Citing the University of Oklahoma Libraries, infoDOCKET reports that “Carl Grant, former associate dean for knowledge services and chief technology officer, University of Oklahoma Libraries, has been named interim dean of libraries, effective July 1. He succeeds Rick Luce, who served as dean from July 2012 through June 2018…

Prior to joining OU in 2013, Grant worked as an independent consultant and executive adviser to the dean at Virginia Tech University Libraries. Prior to that appointment, he was the chief librarian and president of Ex Libris North America. During Grant’s tenure at Ex Libris, the company introduced several major products and services that are today used by the majority of research libraries in the world. This success has resulted in Ex Libris becoming a global leader in cloud-based library automation products.

Among his immediate goals, Grant cites the desire to refresh and renovate the OU Libraries to address physical and environmental challenges, as well as student, faculty and staff needs. He also identifies OU Libraries’ support for collections and emerging technologies as priorities for the organization, noting that the libraries’ priorities will align with the larger initiatives and goals of the institution.

“The core of the plan Dean Luce established is still as relevant today as it was when developed five years ago,” said Grant. “but, much of what was initially planned has been accomplished, and it is time to set some new milestones…”

OCLC Research reports that “Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President of the Membership and Research Division, and Chief Strategist at OCLC, has just completed a four-part blog series on “The Powers of Library Consortia.”

In the series, he delves into the advantages that collaborating at scale can have for libraries as they amplify influence, share learning and innovation, and build and scale capacity, both within their own institution and across the library network.

“In four blog entries I am going to consider library consortia or collaborative organizations using this framework,” Dempsey explains. “I have two purposes: 1. The first is to ask some questions about the shape and dynamics of consortia, in order to contribute to thinking about an important and underexamined topic . . . 2. The second is to underline how scaling learning and innovation have become important shared concerns in complex times, and deserve increased investment of both attention and resources.”

Read the four installments on Dempsey’s blog:

  1. The powers of library consortia 1: How consortia scale capacity, learning, innovation and influence
  2. The powers of library consortia 2: Soft power and purposeful mobilization: scaling learning and innovation
  3. The powers of library consortia 3: Scaling influence and capacity
  4. The powers of library consortia 4: Scoping, sourcing and right-scaling

KnowledgeSpeak reports that “the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) has appointed Tom Ciavarella, Manager of Publisher Relations at Clarivate Analytics, to the role of Co-chair to its Community Engagement Committee to support its goals of providing programming outside of the US…

As one of three SSP Co-chairs for the Community Engagement Committee in 2018-19, Ciavarella will focus on strengthening the London and Berlin programming efforts and on creating new regional events in Europe and other locations around the world. He has been instrumental in developing SSP regional events in London since 2017.

Ciavarella will kick start his new role with the delivery of SSP’s Summer UK Regional Event, ‘Humans, AI, and Decision Making,‘ which will take place on July 5th in London.”

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