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Session 1 — Institutional Compliance: Responding to Online Accessibility Legal Issues

Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. CT


  • 1: University EIT Accessibility Compliance: Southern New Hampshire University’s Action Plan for Electronic Information Technology Accessibility
  • 2: Compliance or Bust: Accessibility, the Office of Civil Rights, and Seton Hall University Libraries

Session 2 — Accessibility: What Is Happening Now Online, On Campus, and Within the Marketplace

Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. CT


  • 1: What’s in a Name? The Online Accessibility Center
  • 2: Enabling Campus Student Success: Bridging the gap between IT and Disability Services
  • 3: Striving for Accessible Content: It Takes a Village

At institutions where knowledge and ideas are shared, libraries should strive to make content accessible for all their users. Libraries need to be prepared and understand the requirements that are needed to meet the accessibility needs of patrons. This two-day virtual preconference will offer attendees a holistic view on how the many parts of an organization can work together to meet both the legal requirements and the students’ requirements for success. Perspectives, challenges, and recommendations will be shared to assist libraries in providing equal opportunities for all their users.


  • Kasey Fleetwood, ADA/504 Compliance Coordinator & Compliance Administrator, SNHU Office of General Counsel & Compliance
  • Cheryl Irvin, State Authorization and Compliance Administrator, SNHU Office of General Counsel & Compliance
  • Elizabeth Leonard, Assistant Dean, Information Technologies and Collections Services, Seton Hall University Libraries
  • Demita Furnner, Director, Online Accessibility Center, Southern New Hampshire University Online Accessibility Center
  • Aaron Flint, IT Director of Instructional Support Services, Southern New Hampshire University ITS Instructional Support Services
  • Jill Power, Senior Product Manager, User Experience and Platform, EBSCO Information Services

The ALCTS Virtual Preconference is generously sponsored by Emerald Publishing.

Registration fees for single webinarALCTS Member $43 ; Non-member $59 ; Group rate $129  

Registration fees for webinar series ALCTS Member $69 ; Non-member $95 ; Group rate $206  

In this webinar, Mary McAveney (CMO, Open Road Integrated Media); Michael Weinstein (Production Director, Teachers College Press); and Jeremy Hess (Director of Sales and Marketing, Gasch Printing) will discuss:

  • How and why Teachers College Press is moving from a warehouse model to short-runs and POD
  • How Open Road Integrated Media used digital printing to get quickly get a book to market
  • How publishers are reconsidering the lifetime costs of book printing and fulfillment
  • How book publishers can operate more quickly with digital printing

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Wednesday, May 23 | 2:00 PM Eastern

Academic libraries are looking for ways to grow their involvement in research activities, scale-up their support to researchers and research offices, and increase the impact of research outputs.

What can libraries do to move forward collectively to meet these research support needs? This session will examine the challenges, and the potential role that libraries can play in driving a transition, by leveraging their expertise in data curation, resource management, and content dissemination. We will feature the perspective of an academic library and a system provider. We will look at a possible solution via Esploro – the Ex Libris research services platform, currently being developed in collaboration with five leading universities.

Presented by:

Charles Eckman, Dean and University Librarian, University of Miami

Eddie Neuwirth, Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company, Director of Product Management – Research Services

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