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Professional Growth & Development Opportunities

This series of six webinars builds on the introductory series From MARC to BIBFRAME: Linked Data on the Ground, which was presented in fall 2016 and is now available free of charge. It describes the continuing BIBFRAME initiatives taking place at the Library of Congress as well as within the broader information community.

Series sessions include:

March 7 – Library of Congress BIBFRAME Pilot: Phase Two* (Completed)

  • Updates the LC and BIBFRAME 2 implementation at the Library of Congress
  • Describes LC’s continuing BIBFRAME work with special formats
  • Reviews LD4P (Linked Data for Production) initiatives and LC’s involvement in them; the PCC (Program for Cooperative Cataloging) BIBFRAME Task Group; and RDA’s influence on BIBFRAME 2
  • Explains how linked data can turn simple MARC textual notes into a navigable network of relationships as part of the of LD4P project
  • Describes Princeton University’s shift to BIBFRAME and linked data to enhance the search experience
  • Shows how the WebAnnotation model is used to encode dedications and the effort needed to encode this type of annotation
  • Introduces and describes the Performed Music Ontology and its relationship to BIBFRAME for recorded music
  • Describes the relationship between the ontology to other standards such as RDA and Doremus (DOing REusable MUSical Data)
  • Provides information on using the ontology for cataloging and current and future plans for the ontology’s framework, governance and use
  • Introduces the Linked Data for Production (LC4P) project and the ArtFrame domain-specific sub-project
  • Reviews existing descriptive cataloging standards for works of art and reviews use cases for describing art objects as linked data within a library environment
  • Discusses the work by Columbia staff including use cases, modeling areas, tools, outcomes and lessons learned
  • Explains how to provide subject access to non-English materials in the language of the script
  • Describes how to link non-English terms to external sources via linked data techniques
  • Demonstrates how users may search the catalog by subject in their preferred language
  • Describes the background and goals of the LD4P-CM (Linked Data for Production – Cartographic Materials)
  • Explains how Linked Open Data (LOD) and semantic web ontologies (BIBFRAME and bibliotek-o – a BIBFRAME extension ontology) can be extended to describe library cartographic resources including printed maps, atlases, digital geospatial datasets and other cartographic information resources
  • Illustrates how BIBFRAME 2.0 and bibliotek-o can be applied as base ontologies for describing geospatial and cartographic resources
Who Should Attend?

Digital Book World 2018 is the gathering of community across the wide world of publishing.

This includes trade publishers, educational publishers, corporate publishers, independent publishers, and all the companies producing the tools, the products, the services, and the ecosystems to serve publishers, small and large.

We wrote recently about who should attend Digital Book World 2018, and included some preliminary demographic information. Check that out here.


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