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Episode 47 – Listen Now!

This week, we’re featuring the audio from a webcast titled “Meeting the Modern Marketing Challenge in Libraries.” The session was recorded live on Wednesday, January 31, and was hosted by the Charleston Library Conference. The session was based on a book titled “Library Marketing: From Passion to Practice,” by Jill Stover Heinze. The title is part of the Charleston Briefings, a series short open access ebooks that are available at

Charleston Briefings

Library Marketing: From Passion to Practice

Webcast Video and Slides

Session Description: In today’s libraries, marketing is everyone’s job. Yet, many librarians don’t know what modern marketing is and the preconditions for marketing success. During this year’s Charleston Conference, Charleston Briefing author Jill Stover Heinze convened a lively discussion about these topics in her new book, Library Marketing: From Passion to Practice. The session made clear that many of us share deep concerns and unresolved questions about what adopting modern marketing means in a library context.

This webinar extends the Conference conversation, sharing an overview of the Briefing’s main themes, and revisiting the topics and ideas that were most pressing for session attendees, including:

  • Understanding how marketing, strategic planning, communications, and assessment relate to one another and what that means for how library staff should think about their roles
  • Why focusing only on ‘telling our story’ misses the mark, and doesn’t guarantee patrons will listen
  • What segmentation is and how you can efficiently reach patrons in new ways by innovating how you approach your user base

Jill is joined by Northern Kentucky University’s Dean of the Library, Arne Almquist. Arne successfully implemented a marketing orientation at Steely Library by modifying its organizational structure to better accommodate marketing as a circular, holistic communication process.

Matthew Ismail serves as the Q & A Moderator. He is Director of Collection Development, Central Michigan University Libraries and is Editor in Chief, Charleston Briefings.

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