ATG Quirkies: World Championship Puntests

by | Oct 10, 2017 | 0 comments

Lovers of puns may want to rush out and get Away With Words: An Irreverent Tour Through the World of Pun Competitions; Harper Perennial; 273 pages; $15.99 and £8.99.

The book is by Joe Berkowitz, an editor at Fast Company, an American business magazine. And according to this review in the Economist, it emerged from the author’s discovery of “Punderdome.” Evidently, Mr. Berkowitz was so inspired that he “went on to spend a year travelling round America, attending pun-parties and interviewing humour experts and comedy writers. The outcome? “Away With Words”, a faintly anthropological examination of puns and the people who make them. The chief attraction of these competitions, he reports, is that they create a space for something “people feel like they’re not supposed to like and ought not to do…”

(Thanks to John Riley of Gabriel Books for providing ATG Quirkies.)

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