ATG Newsflash: Leah Hinds has been appointed Executive Director of the Charleston Conference.

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Charleston, SC – Charleston Information Group, LLC, is pleased to announce that Leah Hinds has been appointed Executive Director of the Charleston Conference.

Leah Hinds

Leah has been working as an independent contractor with the Conference since 2004 when she was hired by Regina Semko, the former Registrar of the Charleston Conference, to compile attendee evaluation results and annual surveys for ATG, and to help on site at the Information Desk. She was named Assistant Director shortly thereafter and took on responsibility for organizing the program, liaising with presenters and meeting facilities, managing sponsorships and advertising, and more. As her role and responsibilities have grown and changed in the 12 years she’s worked with the Charleston Information Group, LLC, Leah has helped the Charleston Conference and Against the Grain to grow and flourish.

“I’m honored and thrilled to be named Executive Director of the Charleston Conference,” remarks Leah. “I feel extremely fortunate to have Katina as a mentor and look forward to continuing to build on the conference’s tradition of excellence.”

“Leah Hinds is tireless, efficient, smart, quick, and very creative with solutions! We are ecstatic to recognize her as the Executive Director of the Charleston Conference!” says Katina Strauch, founder and convener.


About the Charleston Conference:

The Charleston Conference is an informal annual gathering of librarians, publishers, electronic resource managers, consultants, and vendors of library materials in Charleston, SC, in November, to discuss issues of importance to them all. It is designed to be a collegial gathering of individuals from different areas who discuss the same issues in a non-threatening, friendly, and highly informal environment. Presidents of companies discuss and debate with library directors, acquisitions librarians, reference librarians, serials librarians, collection development librarians, and many, many others. Begun in 1980, the Charleston Conference has grown from 20 participants in 1980 to almost 2,000 in 2016.


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