Professional Growth & Development Opportunities

  • London Info International & Clarivate Analytics;
  • UKSG;
  • Library Juice Academy;
  • DCL/Data Conversion Laboratory

KnowledgeSpeak reports that “London Info International in collaboration with Clarivate Analytics has announced a webinar – How has the concept of being “citable” evolved?’ The event is scheduled for July 12, 15.00 CEST, 14.00 BST, 9.00 EST…

Paul Wouters, Director of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies and Professor of Scientometrics at the University of Leiden, will provide an authoritative perspective on how being ‘citable’ has evolved over the last few decades, in part as a consequence of the Web of Science, and in part based upon developments in the increasing importance placed by funders of research as well as university administration, on the measurement of research impact.

This webinar will be moderated by Philip Ditchfield. Interested parties may visit to register for the event.”

This is a fantastic opportunity to listen to expert speakers with the added benefit of no travelling required. All registrants receive a link to a recording of the webinar so they can listen again at a convenient time.


In July, COUNTER will publish the Release 5 of the Code of Practice. This webinar will describe the new master reports which are at the heart of the new Code of Practice. It will explain the metrics and attributes and the standard views from the master reports. Finally, it will explain the timeline for publisher compliance and the tools and guides which will enable content providers and librarians prepare for the effective date for Release 5.

Date: Thursday 13 July 2017
Time: 1300 BST (British Summer Time)
Duration: 45-60 minutes including Q&A
Speaker: Lorraine Estelle, Director, COUNTER Project

Library Juice Academy Courses – July 2017

Course Instructor Credits Cost
Introduction to RDA Melissa Adler 1.5 CEUs $175
Metadata Design Grace Agnew 1.5 CEUs $175
Digital Scholarship: New Metrics, New Modes Marcus Banks 1.5 CEUs $175
Planning and Leading Effective Team Meetings Deborah Schmidle 1.5 CEUs $175
Getting Started with Digital Image Collections Beth Knazook 1.5 CEUs $175
E-Book Management for Academic Libraries Erin Crane 1.5 CEUs $175
Developing a Website Content Strategy Shoshana Mayden 1.5 CEUs $175
Patent Searching for Librarians Michael White 1.5 CEUs $175
Information Architecture: Designing Navigation for Library Websites Laura-Edythe Coleman 1.5 CEUs $175
The SPARQL Fundamentals I – The Semantic Web in Action Robert Chavez 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to Library Classification in Dewey and LC Catelynne Sahadath 2.25 CEUs $250
Backward Design for Information Literacy Instruction Andrea Baer 2.25 CEUs $250
Research Data Management Jillian Wallis 2.25 CEUs $250


Upcoming Free Webinars – DCL

Online with live Q&A

Presented by: Sarah O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer, Scriptorium Publishing

Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET
Duration: 60 minutes

What characteristics does your content and your content workflow need to ensure that it is valuable today and in the future? In this webinar, Sarah will discuss how to look at content with an eye toward the future. We know that content volume and localization requirements are increasing, so what does this mean for content strategy and localization strategy? How do we ensure success when requirements keep changing? Register now >>>

Presented by: Mark Gross, President, DCL
and Leo Belchikov, Senior Project Manager, DCL

Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET
Duration: 60 minutes

This webinar will discuss concepts such as reading order, alternative texts, color, and other often simple adjustments that make a website digitally accessible to a population that otherwise would have difficulties. Register now >>>

Presented by: Brian Trombley, National Account Director, DCL
and Leo Belchikov, Senior Project Manager, DCL

Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET
Duration: 60 minutes

Join Brian Trombley and Leo Belchikov from DCL as we discuss best practices and approaches to streamlining the process of getting your content more findable, quicker and more accurately, freeing up your valuable internal resources from this daunting task, and saving time and money in the process. Register now >>>