Title: Self-Publishing and Libraries: What Librarians and Self-Publishers Need to Know
Denise Weldon-Siviy
Paperback: ISBN: 978-1521318683, $18.99
Imprint: Independently published, May 2017

“While over 4 out of 10 bestselling books are now self-published, many libraries still relegate self-published books to a few shelves of local authors. And Indie authors frequently ignore a billion dollar library market that accounts for up to 50% of sales in some genres. It’s time for librarians and self-published authors to come together. This book covers the issues involved in getting self-published books into libraries from every angle – technology, cataloging issues, platforms, vendor access, librarian bias – and from the perspectives of BOTH self-published authors and librarians. Heavily researched (as part of a graduate level MLS course), this book also reflects the author’s personal experience as a self-published author and her six years’ experience in library acquisitions and collection development.”