ATG Newsflash: PEGI a two-year initiative to address national concerns regarding the preservation of electronic government information

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PEGI Initiative

Preserving Electronic Government Information (PEGI) is a new two-year initiative to address national concerns regarding the preservation of electronic government information by cultural memory organizations for long term use by the citizens of the United States. This project brings together librarians, technologists, and other information professionals from the Center for Research Libraries, the University of North Texas, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the University of California at Santa Barbara, the University of Missouri, and Stanford University. The PEGI project has been informed by a series of meetings between university librarians, information professionals, and representatives of federal agencies, including the Government Publishing Office and the National Archives and Records Administration. The focus is at-risk government digital information of long term historical significance which is not being adequately harvested from the Web or by other automated means.  

The project will conduct a comprehensive multimodal environmental scan of at-risk federal digital content. Guidance documents will be produced by project staff for agencies and other publishers of government electronic information, taking the form of recommendations for best practices in information lifecycle management that could improve the preservability and accessibility of electronic information produced by the content creator. An educational awareness and advocacy outreach program will take place in 2018, the second year of the project. Finally, the project will analyze and develop recommendations for a collaborative agenda for future work to continue improving preservation and access to electronic government information. The project website is located at:

Submitted by:

Lynda M. Kellam
Librarian for Data, Government Information, History, Political Science, and Peace & Conflict Studies
Assistant Director of International and Global Studies
University of NC at Greensboro

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