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50 Books Recommended by This Year’s TED Speakers;   *New Bills Would Let President, not Librarian of Congress, Name Copyright Register;   *FCC Votes to Advance Net Neutrality Repeal;   *14 Art Institutions Establish PHAROS Art Research Consortium, Long-Term Plan is to Provide Access to 25 Million Images Of Artworks;   *Arizona State University Approves Open Access Policy;   *Endangered Data Week Highlights Need for Digital Preservation of Government Data;   *RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage – Spring 2017;  *John Wiley and Sons, Inc. announces new partnership with Overleaf, enables author collaboration; and  *ORCID and ICSU World Data System partner to support reuse of research data plus more library and publishing news from a variety of sources.

inc. reports that the “much-buzzed-about TED conference generated a gargantuan list of intriguing book recommendations. The event’s world-class speakers also regularly recommend books for further reading from the stage, and this year’s event, held recently in Vancouver, British Columbia, was no exception…”

According to Library Journal “a bill empowering the president to appoint the next Register of Copyrights, which would effectively remove jurisdiction over the position from the Librarian of Congress, sailed through the House of Representatives 378–48 on April 26 and will now continue to the Senate.|

The Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act, also known as HR 1695, was introduced on March 23, and would make the Register—who has traditionally been appointed by the Librarian of Congress—a presidential appointment, with the advice and consent of the senate…”

infoDOCKET reports that ” Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to roll back net neutrality took its first step forward on Thursday.

The commission voted 2-1 along party lines to advance Pai’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” proposal, which would repeal current net neutrality protections…”

According to infoDOCKET “in an unprecedented effort to open new avenues for art historical research, The Frick Collection has partnered with thirteen art institutions to establish the PHAROS Art Research Consortium, a digital research platform that will revolutionize access to photo archives around the world…”

infoDOCKET also notes a “… a new policy at Arizona State University, the ASU Open Access Policy, which was passed by the University Senate and approved May 3 by University Provost Mark Searle. the new policy, developed by the University Senate Open Access Task Force, aims to make it easier for ASU faculty and researchers to make their scholarly work more widely available and with fewer restrictions, and is in line with the university’s charter.

Library Journal also reports that “aiming to raise awareness and maintain momentum for preservation efforts focused on publicly administered data, the inaugural “Endangered Data Week” kicked off on April 17 and ultimately featured more than 50 presentations, panels, and projects in the United States, Spain, and Australia…”

ACRL Insider reports that “the Spring 2017 issue of RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage is now freely available online. Visit the RBM website for complete contents of RBM and its preceeding title Rare Books & Manuscripts Librarianship from 1986 to the present. RBM became an open access journal in Spring 2016…”

According to KnowledgeSpeak “publisher John Wiley and Sons, Inc. has announced a new partnership with Overleaf, a cloud-based, collaborative authoring tool, that makes writing, editing and submitting research for publication quicker and easier.|

This new partnership reflects Wiley’s commitment to offering exceptional author service and will further enhance the publication experience for authors by enabling straightforward collaboration and offering significant time-saving on writing, formatting and submitting articles to Wiley’s journals…”

KnowledgeSpeak also notes that “ ORCID and the ICSU World Data System (ICSU-WDS) have agreed to enter into a formal partnership, the ultimate goal of which is to build levels of trust to enable sharing of research data.|

Both organisations met during International Data Week in Denver to discuss opportunities of collaboration and were able to identify several areas of convergence…”

More library and publishing news from a variety of sources


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