Amazingly, there is a tiny village in California that has its own language and it’s extraordinary! The village is called Boonville and “many of the residents  still proudly speak their own language, known as Boontling.”   This unique language is “a composite of English, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Irish, and Pomoan that started being used sometime in the 19th century.

The folks in Boonville are justifiably proud of their special way of communicating. In fact, a local business, Anderson Valley Beer Joint, frequently posts “Boontling words of the day” and has named some of their brews in Boontling. In fact, one of their more popular IPAs (India Pale Ales) is  called “Eetah!”, the Boontling word for “wow!”

(Thanks to John Riley of Gabriel Books for providing ATG Quirkies)