ATG: The Podcast Interview with Nancy Maron, BlueSky to BluePrint

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Nancy Maron, President and Founder, BlueSky to BluePrint

On this week’s episode of ATG: The Podcast, we have a fantastic interview with Nancy Maron, President and Founder of BlueSky to BluePrint, and Guest Editor of the December 2016/January 2017 issue of Against the Grain on “The Value of Publishing: What’s Worth Paying For?”

Listen to the Podcast

All of the featured articles mentioned in the podcast are available open access here on the ATG NewsChannel website:

The Value of Publishing: What’s Worth Paying For?
Guest Editor, Nancy L. Maron, President and Founder of BlueSky to BluePrint

I’ll Take Sifting and Winnowing for $1000, Alex
By Dennis Lloyd, Director, University of Wisconsin Press

Building a List
By Richard Carlin, Executive Editor, OUP

Lucid Prose, Good Timing, Happy Authors: Steps Toward Successful Editorial Production
By Jenya Weinreb, Managing Editor, Yale University Press

Dust Jackets to Dust?
By John Sherer, Director, University of North Carolina Press

Making Connections, Building Community
By Kathryn Conrad, Director, University of Arizona Press

Small but Mighty: How University Presses Bring Academic Ideas to the World
By Jessica Lawrence-Hurt, International & Institutional Sales & Marketing Manager, The MIT Press

Adding Media, Adding Value
By Susan Doerr, Assistant Director, Digital Publishing and Operations, University of Minnesota Press

Ditching the Guillotine: An Education in Accessibility
By Becky Brasington Clark, Director, Publishing Office, Library of Congress

The Singularity of the Book
By Carey C. Newman, Director, Baylor University Press

We’d like to thank Nancy and all of her contributing authors for putting together a wonderful issue!

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