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Sarah Potvin

According to ALA News “the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) named Sarah Potvin, digital scholarship librarian in the Office of Scholarly Communication at Texas A&M University, the winner of the 2017 Esther J. Piercy Award. The award will be presented on Saturday, June 24 at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony during the 2017 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago.

Potvin has made exemplary and collaborative contributions to the rapidly evolving field of digital scholarship and non-MARC metadata, with significant work in local, national and international initiatives. Most notable is her leadership and service as founding co-editor of “dh+lib,” a collaborative digital project and online publication. Potvin is raising the profile of librarians’ expertise in metadata, preservation and data curation in the digital humanities to increase the understanding of these areas by academics in the humanities. As an expert in the librarian’s role in digital humanities, Potvin has collaborated in planning and delivering over 20 presentations at regional and national conferences. At the time of her nomination, Potvin’s career included as a sole or co-author five peer-reviewed articles, two book chapters and a number of other publications. Potvin’s nomination also demonstrates the important role that young professionals may have in professional associations. She has contributed to Texas Digital Library committees, three national committees and has been elected or nominated to a half-dozen international committees. Potvin’s international reach is particularly noteworthy with presentations in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Finland and workshops delivered in Cracow, Poland.

Prior to assuming her current position, Potvin served as metadata librarian for digital services and scholarly communications at A&M, and as a research and scholarly communication analyst at The Tobin Project, a nonprofit based in Cambridge, Mass. involved with scholars across the social sciences and allied fields. She holds a MSIS from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA from Harvard College…”

Citing NLM in Focus, infoDOCKET notes that Rebecca Stanger “the NLM journal publisher liaison, who began her career as a MEDLINE indexer in 1991, said she was hired because she has a science background and speaks several languages. “If you have a basic understanding of science and how to read it, you can learn to master different subject areas,” Stanger said…

Rebecca rests her arm on a cart of journals in her office

Rebecca Stanger, NLM Journal Publisher Liaison

Stanger also brought a flair for languages to her indexing responsibilities. She went to elementary school in France and can read and speak French, Spanish, and Italian. She indexed many journals that were not published in English.

In time, Stanger became an NLM index section supervisor, training new indexers and learning about journal policy matters. In December of 2012, she took on her current position, reaching out to the worldwide journal publisher community. She is seeing MEDLINE keep up with new and expanding biomedical fields and also with publishing practices over time.

Stanger speaks to a lot of people at meetings and conferences, one-on-one, or by phone. “In my time in this job, I’ve seen encouraging developments like an increase in submissions from developing countries, hoping to see their journals included in MEDLINE,” she said. “Open access and e-journals have opened the doors for more people to find the articles they need, but now we need to stay on guard to make sure that these things are legit…”


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