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Highlights From ACRL’s 2015 Academic Library Trends and Statistics Report;    *National Library Groups Question Proposed Copyright Office Reforms;   *Beta version of SocArXiv officially launched;   *Elsevier launches CiteScore metrics in Scopus to assess academic journal quality;   *HighWire Press acquires Semantico;   *Top 20 Doctorate-Granting Institutions in U.S. (2015);   *International Coalition of Research Library Associations Commit to the Future of the Digital Scholarly Record plus more library and publishing news from a variety of sources.

infoDOCKET reports that “ACRL’s 2015 Academic Library Trends and Statistics Report is now available.

Selected findings from the report show that library expenditures for collection materials averaged $5,700,113 for doctoral degree-granting institutions; $725,826 for comprehensive degree-granting institutions; $524,184 for baccalaureate schools and $146,542 for associate-degree granting institutions.

On average, doctoral degree granting institutions spent 76.7% of their materials budgets on ongoing commitments to subscriptions in 2015; comprehensive schools spent an average of 76.8%; baccalaureate schools spent an average 72.4% and associate degree granting institutions spent an average of 55.5%. On average, academic libraries spent 70.4% of their materials budget on subscriptions.

The full text report is for sale ($599). Info about ordering is available here.

ACRL Insider reports that “the House Judiciary Committee has released a multi-part policy statement entitledReform of the U.S. Copyright Office” soliciting public comment on the proposals they outline as a prelude to legislation anticipated in the next Congress. The Library Copyright Alliance, a group of national library organizations collectively representing more than 120,000 libraries in the United States and serving an estimated 200 million patrons annually, released the following statement in response to the Committee’s action…”

KnowledgeSpeak notes that “a beta version of SocArXiv, the open access, open source archive of social science, has been officially launched. Created in partnership with the Center for Open Science, SocArXiv provides a free, non-commercial service for rapid sharing of academic papers. It is built on the Open Science Framework, a platform for researchers to upload data and code as well as research results…”

Also according to KnowledgeSpeakElsevier has launched CiteScoreTM metrics in Scopus, the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, providing the scholarly community free access to comprehensive metrics for journals from over 5,000 publishers. The new set of metrics will improve decisions on where to publish, which journals to subscribe to and when to adjust a journal’s editorial strategy…”

Library Technology Guides reports that “scholarly publishing company HighWire Press today announced its acquisition of Semantico, a privately held provider of technology and services for the scholarly publishing market. This acquisition will bring HighWire an increased capacity for technological innovation; a strong team that further expands its already broad publishing expertise; and a powerful combination of best-of-breed products that leverage industry best practices…”

According to infoDOCKET “these top 2o rankings are “included in new set of data files, “Doctorate Recipients from U.S. Universities: 2015″ released by the National Science Foundation (NSF). A text report is scheduled to be released in 2017. All data files can be viewed online as well as downloaded.

Previous reports are also available...”

In addition infoDOCKET notes ” The International Alliance of Research Library Associations (IARLA) … “fully endorses “Working Together to Ensure the Future of the Digital Scholarly Record” – a statement by The Keepers Registry, a Jisc-funded service maintained by EDINA and the ISSN International Centre, that outlines the actions now required to tackle the evolving challenges of preserving and ensuring the long term accessibility of digital scholarship…”

More library and publishing news from a variety of sources



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