• Ann Patchett’s Guide for Bookstore Lovers is an article in the NY Times travel section by a famous author who also happens to be the co-owner of a bookstore.  Ms. Patchett sheds light on the interesting phenomena of Destination Bookstore travelers for whom bookstores “stand as the centerpiece of a vacation.”  Then she can’t resist offering some suggestions you might consider for your very own book lover’s vacation. Following Ms. Patchett’s advice will take you from Greenwood, MS to Manhattan and from Plainfield, MA. to the nation’s capital with stops in-between in places like Asheville,  Milwaukee; Aspen; and Nashville where you can visit Ms. Patchett’s shop.
  • The 10 Best Books of 2016 is another piece from the NY Times and lists the year’s best books selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.  Novels, biographies and non-fiction titles about both personal and social issues, not to mention politics, make the list.  The article offers brief descriptions for each book as well as links to the NY Times books review.
  • In Book publishing: University presses adapt  Ithaka S+R’s Roger Schonfeld analyses how scientific books from university presses are faring in the digitized, open-access era.  He notes that “digital access and changing acquisition patterns at libraries have disrupted the presses’ traditional businesses.”  Mr. Schonfeld lays the foundation for his argument  by discussing what he calls the three pillars of academic book publishing and the changes affecting them with particular emphasis on digitization and open access.
  • Building a U.S. Federal Government Documents Collection in HathiTrust is by Heather Christenson, of the HathiTrust and appeared in Collaborative Librarianship Vol. 8: Iss. 3.  The article discussed their collection of over 760,000 federal documents digitized from print and the HathiTrust’s recent focus “on further developing this collection via the U.S. Federal Documents Program. The program will leverage the power of HathiTrust infrastructure, services, and member contributions and will focus not only on collection building, but also on the enrichment of discovery and access for end users. This article provides history of HathiTrust’s investment in federal documents, background on the program, a description of current goals and activities, and a brief look at the future.
  • The Librarian on the Teaching Team appears on the Inside Higher Ed website. In it, Dr. Joshua Kim, the Director of Digital Learning Initiatives at the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, makes the case “that a librarian is a key member of a course development and teaching team.”  Drawing on his experience in online learning, Dr. Kim claims that there are “3 immediate and obvious reasons that a librarian should be included on every faculty / non-faculty educator course development and teaching team.”  He cites librarian experience, their working directly with students, and awareness of content, quality, and open educational resources, and then he goes on to elaborate on all three.

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