Charleston Fast Pitch Competition

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Katina Strauch and Ann Okerson had the idea of quickly bringing new ideas to life through showcasing library innovations. The result was the Fast Pitch competition, which was organized by Steve Goodall, Founder and President, The Goodall Family Foundation.

Steve Goodall

Steve Goodall

The incentive for participation was $2,600 for two awards; one based on a panel of expert judges and another based on audience opinions. Four applications were selected for presentation.


Judges (L-R) Martha Whittaker, James O’Donnell, Anthea Stratigos

Judges were:

  • Martha Whittaker, Institutional Sales Manager, American Society for Microbiology
  • James O’Donnell, University Librarian, Arizona State University
  • Anthea Stratigos, Co-Founder and CEO, Outsell, Inc.


  • Katy DiVittorio

    Katy DiVittorio

    Katy DiVittorio, Acquisitions Librarian, Auraria Library: RelaxMap.  33% of students say that stress affects their academic performance, so Auraria created a map of low-stress places on campus. To create the map, volunteers wore an Arduino microcontroller with a galvanic skin responses sensor and GPS. The resulting map is posted on the campus and the campus website, and printed out to give to stressed students. A toolkit will be available for other libraries to create their own RelaxMaps.

  • Charles Watkinson

    Charles Watkinson

    Charles Watkinson, University of Michigan Library: Fulcrum is a project funded by the Mellon Foundation to host digital scholarship. Many researchers do not have the tools to host their output. Fulcrum makes rich media output available, flexible, discoverable, and durable on an open source platform. Every image has a stable identifier. The viewer is flexible and accessible to readers with disabilities. The system is durable; its uses University of Michigan’s hosting and reading platforms.

  • Scott Warren

    Scott Warren

    Scott Warren, Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship, Syracuse University: SU has developed a Blackstone LaunchPad that is part of the library’s physical service point for serving students from all over the campus. The LaunchPad belongs in the library and connects existing services, staff, and collections. 50 ventures have already been helped. Entrepreneurship does not only exist in the business school; it is all over. The Dean of the iSchool has given a gift to support the project; 20 LaunchPads have been set up at other schools.

  • Kate Ross

    Kate Ross

    Kate Ross, Head of Technical Services, St. John Fisher College: Coordinating curriculum-based collections. Strengthening them to share statewide by connecting collection development using real-time requesting data. Capture metrics and analyze real-time ILL requests, holdings, and communicate information between libraries to coordinate collection development and decide what to buy and who should buy.

The winner of the judges award was Scott Warren, and the winner of the audience award was Kate Ross.

Scott Warren

Kate Ross








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