ATG Quirkies: April Fools’ posts

by | Apr 1, 2016 | 0 comments

google april fools

Photograph: Minions/Google

According to this post from the Guardian a Google April Fools’ prank went wrong and “had to be pulled within hours after some users complained a new feature installed in their email service, Gmail, and might have cost them their jobs or reputations.

The stunt was the “Gmail Mic Drop”, an augmented send button which attached a gif animation clip of a crown-wearing Minion character from the film Despicable Me dropping a microphone like a brash rap star, which instantly ended an email exchange.

But fear not. According to Mr. Quirky himself (John Riley)  “Mic drop isn’t the only April Fools’ Day prank launched by Google. The company, clearly filled with practical jokers, has launched at least five others today, including “Google Cardboard Plastic” (a transparent box that you strap to your face to enable “Actual Reality”), Searchable Socks (which lets you find your socks with the Google app) and Google Maps Disco (which lets you watch Pegman dancing to Funky Town). But none of those appear to have got users fired, yet.”

Oh! And checkout the Uncyclopedia: The Content Free Encyclopedia and its entry The Great Library of Alexandria.  This tongue-in-cheek article will tell you more that you want to know about the central book-loaning institution in of all places,  Alexandria, Virginia.

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