How libraries can save the Internet of Things from the Web’s centralized fate is an interesting think piece by Jason Griffey posted on BoingBoing that sees an activist role for libraries in helping keep the Internet decentralized and thereby preventing censorship, protecting privacy, etc.

system-954961_1280Citing the dominance of commercial proprietary Web giants like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and GoogleGriffey claims that the “free flow of information on the Internet is at risk because of the past twenty years’ worth of centralization.”  He argues that libraries should take the lead in supporting decentralized systems that “provide the information and services of the next big shift in computing: the Internet of Things. These “things” will be decentralized by nature, and that decentralization can be guarded against capture if we lay the groundwork now by creating nodes through which these micro-networks can communicate.”  He goes on to discuss ways libraries can do this.

Some may not agree but Jason’s argument should spark discussion.