ATG Quirkies: Want Your Document to Last 5,000 Years? Put It on Vellum.

by | Feb 16, 2016 | 0 comments

04BIBLE-tmagArticleEvidently, the British House of Lords is flying in the face of this age old advice.  According to the NY Times, they are shunning the future use vellum and moving to replace it with high-quality archival paper.

Of course  the move is primarily economic “saving about 80,000 pounds, or nearly $116,000, annually.” However, animal rights activists will also be pleased in that it will save the 130 calves whose skins go into producing a 500 page book.  

But vellum still has its defenders.“If the Magna Carta had been on paper, it would have long ago been a bag of dust,” said Paul Wright, the general manager of William Cowley, which has been supplying vellum for Parliament.

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