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Welcome!  The 35th Charleston Conference opened today with the traditional Vendor Showcase.  It’s hard to believe this conference has been going for 35 years—surely that’s a record in this industry!  And there are some very significant changes this year, (I’ll get to them shortly), but some things haven’t  changed.  Katina Strauch is still the conference organizer and a major moving force behind it. And of course, it’s still at the same time of the year in its namesake city: wonderful Charleston.  The conference hotel is the venerable Francis Marion  Hotel right on the edge of the Historic District of Charleston.


Here are some scenes from the Vendor Showcase (a.k.a. Exhibits)

Vendor Showcase


Vendor Showcase

Vendor Showcase


Vendor Showcase Food Table

The Food Table–Always Popular!


Vendor Showcase

3rd Floor Vendor Showcase

I look forward to bringing you updates from the conference as it unfolds, so stay tuned to this blog.

Oh, yes, about those changes.  They are so special and significant that I am making them the subject of their own posting.  Don’t go away!

Enjoy the conference!


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