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katinaby Katina Strauch

Charleston has settled down somewhat from the horrible massacre of last week. All thanks for this goes to the charity and grace of the victims’ families. Thank you all for your loving comments and thoughts at this difficult time. We are looking forward to memorializing those nine people who lost their lives so tragically. Especially the kind, caring, and lovely Cynthia Hurd.

Returning  somewhat  to  business as usual for this week. Taylor & Francis Group has acquired Maney Publishing.  Maney’s portfolio consists of scholarly journals in Materials Science and Engineering, the Humanities and Social Sciences, and Health Sciences.  Maney marks its growth from formation as an imprint in 1997 (from a specialist typesetting and printing company, W. S. Maney & Son Ltd., founded in Leeds, UK, in 1900) to its global role as an international journal publisher. Maney’s portfolio includes more than 170 scholarly journals, most published in partnership with societies, universities, and institutes. Maney’s transition from printing to publishing grew out of long-standing professional relationships with learned societies and academic bodies, built on responding to societies’ publishing needs. Maney’s book series will also be joining Taylor & Francis Group. Leon Heward-Mills, Global Journals Publishing Director, says “ …Many of Maney’s titles are published in partnership with societies, universities, and institutes and we are especially keen to welcome these new partners.”

And this is from Digital Book World (June 24). Hoping to build a more robust social e-reading experience, Scribd, the subscription-based content provider has acquired Librify, a social e-reading platform.

Just learned that the creative Michael Arthur will be moving from UCF to University of Alabama on Aug 17. Michael will be heading up Resource Acquisition and Discovery after combining two departments and one unit (acquisitions, cataloging, and electronic resources). Congratulations, Michael!

Another ATG contributor, the innovative Bob Kieft, College Librarian at Occidental College in Los Angeles, says that he is retiring from Occidental on August 7. He has a new mailing address and looks forward to having more time to “savor” paper copies of Against the Grain. Enjoy!

It’s hard to keep up with some people! The  tirelessly energetic  Karen Christensen took a trip a month ago for a food and wine conference in Shandong Province to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and then went to Shanghai for a meeting with authors and publishers and distributors. And she also saw her son who works in the finance department of a health-care management company. The trip came immediately after BookExpo America (BEA) in New York, where Karen signed an agreement with the Guangdong People’s Publishing Group and spoke at events organized by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press and the BEA Global Forum.  Turns out that two of Berkshire’s major reference titles are being published in Chinese. The six-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History and the 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability. Karen says she has taken many food photographs that she will be using in her new free newsletter, China Cooks!

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