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Comparing College Student and Instructor Perceptions on Libraries and Research

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When it comes to the value of academic libraries, some interesting perceptions exist.

Survey data from Cengage Learning’s 2015 Spring Engagement Insights survey indicates students see the value of the library more than their professors. According to the survey, which queried nearly 3,000 students and 700 professors, roughly 90% of students vs. approx. 80% of professors said the library and its resources provide value to their academic and career goals. In addition, students – more than professors – wished they took more advantage of the library and its resources (75% of students vs. 66% of instructors). Perhaps not too surprising considering a staggering 70% of students reported they do not ask campus librarians for help with assignments, even though most see the value.

Disparities exist among research skills as well. While roughly three-quarters of students rated their research skills as good or very good, well more than half of professors are not confident in their students’ research ability.

These stats and more can be found in the infographic below. Cengage Learning, parent company of Gale (who is a Diamond Sponsor of the upcoming 2015 Charleston Conference!), fielded the survey this past spring and looked at a host of current topics and themes within higher education.

Faculty-Student Perceptions - Library and Research


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