ATG Quirkies: It’s not novel to declare the novel dead

by | Mar 20, 2015 | 0 comments

Jane_Austen_SemperDeclarations of the imminent demise of the novel are nothing new. According to this chronology  on the VOX website  the novel has been declared dead at least  30 times since 1902.

No less a visionary than Jules Verne thought novels would be “supplanted altogether by the daily newspaper” within 50-100 years while in fall 1955 Norman Mailer claimed anyone still writing novels was a fool and in an October 2009 interview, Philip Roth told The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown that the novel was a “dying animal.”

Fortunately for fans of fiction, they and the other prognosticators listed in this post were dead wrong.

 (The source of ATG Quirkies is John Riley of Gabriel Books)

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