ATG Quirkies: A Time Machine Built into Your phone!

by | Mar 30, 2015 | 0 comments

Courthouse1883_500x500According to this post on the HP Matter website “soon you’ll be able to use your phone to see what the past looked like exactly where you’re standing… Asma Jaber created the app PIVOT so people could look at a place through the lens of the past.

The app notifies users whenever they come across a “PIVOT point,” a spot from which the app can show historic images of the surroundings. Using a neat trick with augmented reality, the viewer can point a phone at a landmark and see what it looked like at different points in the past.”

Pretty cool, huh? And with so many libraries digitizing their image collections, there are plenty of historic photos and illustrations for the app developers to use.

Admittedly, here in Charleston the app may not be as useful.  Most of our historic buildings are still there!

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