unpacking_booksIn this informative post, Rebecca Lyons introduces an important and fascinating two-year project funded by the AHRC in collaboration with the British Library.  The Academic Book of the Future: exploring academic practices and expectations for the monograph focuses on “how scholarly work in the Arts and Humanities will be produced, read, shared, and preserved in coming years, and investigates key questions around the changing state and modern contexts of the academic book.”

It will attempt to answer some basic but essential questions including:

  • What is an academic book?
  • Who reads them?
  • What can technology do to help make academic books more accessible?
  • How can we make sure academic books, whether print or electronic, are kept safe, and preserved effectively?

The study also hope to raise and address “a huge network of other sub-questions” like the expanding range of monograph formats, competition from blogs and other digital forms, new publication methods like open access, and the impacts on “deep reading.”

Check out the full post to get the complete story as well as contact information so you can join in the conversation.

Image credit: Electronic Book by Tim Noko (Flickr, CC BY-SA)

Image credit: Electronic Book by Tim Noko (Flickr, CC BY-SA)