reading DSCN0101Princeton Receives $300-Million Bequest of Rare Books; March 4 Assessment in Action Application Deadline (ACRL);   University of California Press Launches Open Access Model; FSG, Faber and Faber Cut Ties; EBSCO Debuts 27 New E-Book Sets for Academic Libraries; Wiley Integrates ReadCube’s Connect across Wiley Online Library Platform; Copyright Clearance Center offers Get It Now to academic libraries in Sweden; The British Library’s Endangered Archives Program Releases Another 500,000+ Images Online; PLOS (Public Library of Science) Shares 2014 Highlights in New Infographic; Springer expands co-publication partnership with Science China Press, launches new journal; SAGE announces extended partnership with eIFL Foundation scheme, supports access to information in Cambodia;  and Bioscientifica extends grace period for 2015 renewals.

Princeton Receives $300-Million Bequest of Rare Books

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that  “Princeton University has received a bequest of some 2,500 rare books and manuscripts from a longtime benefactor who died last fall, the university announced on Monday. The donation, valued at $300-million, is the largest in Princeton’s history. The donor, William H. Scheide, continued a tradition of collecting started in the 19th century by his grandfather and father…

Highlights of the collection include a Gutenberg Bible, a first printing of the Declaration of Independence, a run of Shakespeare folio editions, and important autograph manuscripts by Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart…”

ACRL is seeking applications from all types of higher education institutions for 125 teams to participate in the third year of “Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success (AiA),” made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and described on the ACRL website. Librarians will each lead a campus team in developing and implementing an action learning project which examines the impact of the library on student success and contributes to assessment activities on campus. They will be supported in this work by a professional development program with sequenced learning events and activities at key junctures. The AiA program, part of ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries initiative, employs a blended learning environment and a peer-to-peer network over the course of the 14-month long program, which runs from April 2015-June 2016…

Open door DSCN8455Citing Inside Higher ED, Book Business notes that “the University of California Press is building a new open-access publishing model around the idea that reviewers and researchers in the hard sciences can support new forms of scholarly communication by “paying it forward.”

The university press last month introducedOpens in a new window Collabra and Luminos, an open-access journal and monograph publisher, respectively. While LuminosOpens in a new window is hoping to publish about 10 monographs this fall, CollabraOpens in a new window is in beta testing and aims to accept submissions in a few weeks…”

According to Publishers Weekly “after a 17 year affiliation that began in1998 when Farrar, Straus and Giroux bought a controlling interest in Faber and Faber’s Boston subsidiary, the two companies have ended their formal agreement.

Effective immediately, FSG will no longer publish new titles under the Faber and Faber Inc. imprint. Mitzi Angel, the New York-based publisher of Faber and Faber Inc., will now have the title v-p and executive editor at FSG, publishing her authors and and acquiring new projects, under the FSG banner…”

THE Journal reports that “EBSCO has unveiled 27 new subject sets of e-books for academic libraries…

Designed to provide libraries an easy way to launch or expand e-book collections, all sets include books published within the last two years and do not include titles offered in previous sets.”

Wiley Integrates ReadCube’s Connect across Wiley Online Library Platform

This press release in PRWeb notes that “John Wiley & Sons Inc. (NYSE: JWa and JWb), announced today the launch of ReadCube Connect on Wiley Online Library. ReadCube Connect brings a new, innovative online reading experience, offering readers a wealth of information and article enhancements to the standard PDF…

According to InfoDOCKET the British Library has “had seven new projects go online with over five hundred thousand images. These are EAP164, EAP171, EAP387, EAP505, EAP566, EAP638 and EAP684 and include rural records from the Ukrainian Steppe, parish records from Brazil, endangered Urdu periodicals and the archives from a publishing company in Argentina. This blog will focus on four projects EAP171, EAP387, EAP505 and EAP638. Another blog will feature the final three projects in a couple of weeks…”

InfoDOCKET reports on PLOS’s 2014 highlights and notes that “readers worldwide viewed approximately 11.6 million PLOS articles each month. These articles were published by authors from more than 200 countries with the assistance of nearly 7,000 academic editors and 90,000 reviewers…”

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According to KnowledgeSpeakSpringer has launched a new journal Science China Materials (SCMs). Part of the Science China Press (SCP) journal series, the international peer-reviewed journal covers all aspects of materials science. It is co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China and is published monthly in both print and electronic formats…

KnowledgeSpeak also reports that “SAGE recently announced an extended partnership with the eIFL Foundation scheme. The extended agreement offers access to SAGE Journals (SJ) online and SAGE Research Methods (SRM) to all 18 members of the foundations branch in Cambodia, Cam-eIFL…”

Library Technology Guides reports that the  “Copyright Clearance Center, … announced that its Get It Now article delivery service is now available for adoption by academic institutions of higher education in Sweden. Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden is the first school outside the United States using Get It Now…”

According to a post to LibLicense, Bioscientifica is “offering an extended grace period for 2015 renewals to the below journals: Journal of Endocrinology, Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, Endocrine-Related Cancer, European Journal of Endocrinology, and Reproduction.

Access to these journals has automatically been extended to 31st March for customers who managed their subscriptions through Swets, ensuring that library users will continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to current content.

If any other customers are experiencing delays in processing their subscriptions and intend to renew for 2015, please get in touch and we will arrange an extension to their grace period. Ceredig Williams, ([email protected])