ATG Quirkies: The Last Book: Readers on the NY Subway

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Fearing that print books are on life support, Dutch photographer Reinier Gerritsen came up with a novel way to document what he called “a beautiful phenomenon that’s vanishing.”  According to Jordan G. Teicher of Slate, Mr. Gerritsen spent a total of 13 weeks over a three year period taking a photo every time he saw someone reading a book on the subway.

NYC_Subway_Times_SquareThe result: a series, entitled “The Last Book,” which is currently on display at New York City’s Julie Saul Gallery as well as being published as a book by Aperture.

By the way, Mr. Gerritsen later returned to New York to take a different look at the decline of printed books. This time he photographed readers with their e-readers for a digital book app, The Last Book Revisited. Mr. Gerritsen readily admits that he “found it quite boring. If you shoot people with a book, it’s so much more interesting.”


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